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2. 2


You struggled to pry your eyes open as if they had been glued shut. Your limbs were stiff and aching. You let out a groan and realised that you weren’t in your bed at home, this entire room, the dark grey walls, the soft blankets on the bed, and the light seeping through between curtains to your left. There was a faint knock at the door. You didn’t say anything just froze in fear as whoever it was that knocked opened the door slowly and stepped inside, offering a slight smile. He was tall, with brown hair and from what you could see, he had darker and lighter streaks throughout. He had a slight sprinkle of prominent freckles on his cheekbones.

“Hello, how are you feeling? You had a bit of a rough run the other night.” he asked in a soft, sweet voice. He sounded genuinely concerned. Even with sleek antlers protruding through his soft                brown hair he looked like the mother type, caring and understanding. He didn’t appear to be much older than twenty years old.

Your head was cloudy and you really needed something to drink but you refused to tell him anything, you didn’t even know his name. Why would you trust a man you didn’t know? There was something about him that screamed inhuman to you, surely the horns were fake. He waited patiently for your reply, smile still on his face. Yes, definitely the motherly type. It was only fair if you answered him.

“Fine, might need something to drink if that’s not a hassle.” you whispered. He gave you a curt nod before ducking back out of the room. You were left in silence to examine the bandages tightly wrapped around your forearms, you felt one pressed against your neck, and then you remembered, the scorching heat of the bright fires engulfing the trees as you ran and ran, body aching with the effort it took to keep moving. Fire whipping out before your path as it spread at lighting pace. A cascade of orange and red as it seared across your skin.

The door was opened again as the man returned with a clear glass of water. He didn’t hesitate to walk up to beside the bed and put the cold glass in your hand. You raised it to your lips, hand shaking but the cool liquid was refreshing and much needed.

“Namjoon wants to keep you here so that your burns can heal. Don’t worry, your parents don’t even notice that you’re gone, they think you’re spending a few weeks away with a friend on a camping trip.”

“So, you’ve kidnapped me and stopped my parents from looking for me?” you asked, voice stronger. He looked shocked at your question.

“I assure you that is not the plan, you’ll be kept in comfort and safety while your burns heal and if anyone tries to harm you in any way they will not get off unscathed.” He said with a sweet smile. Really? Does he expect you to believe that? Playing along would probably save your skin in the long run, it can’t hurt to play his game.

“But why did you not just take me to the hospital?” you inquired, one brow raised. He sighed.

“They wouldn’t have been able to treat those burns. You see, the fire that you were caught in has a dark counterpart and needs to be treated in another way or you’ll get very ill and worst case scenario, die.”

“You’re just pulling my leg now. That was regular fire and these are mild burns. I’m fine, let me go home.” You growled.

“Listen Dollface, unless you want to risk death, I’d advise staying with us, at least until your burns are well healed.”

“My name isn’t ‘Dollface’.” You snapped, “Its Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, I assume you’d like to get up and move around. You can meet the guys, be warned, they’re not pleasant.” He said, turning towards the door and indicating with a hand for you to follow him. You threw to covers aside and rotated your body so that you could get up, your legs shook with the weight suddenly placed atop them. You followed the man on unsteady legs down a hallway to where he stopped just before a door and you could hear loud banter inside. You saw poking through a hole in the back of his jeans, a short fluffy tail of a deer, a nice caramel colour accompanied by the white bottom as it flicked slightly.

“They’re rowdy and reckless. If they get to be too much, let me know.”

“You’re the mother of the group, aren’t you?” he turned to look at you and quickly reverted his attention to the door. He held his hand over the door knob, head slightly bowed.

“Yes.” He muttered, twisting the knob and throwing the door open, stepping inside just in time to have a pillow thrown at his head, followed by laughter echoing through the room. He threw the pillow on the ground and whipped his head towards the direction it was thrown from as you crept to just outside the doorframe.

“Taehyung, you’re almost a century old, act like it. I’d expect this behaviour from Jimin but you’re old enough to have some common sense.” He snapped.

“Aww, Jinnie, lighten up. He’s still a child at heart, leave him be.” I taller man said as he rounded the door. His hair was silver with a thin streak of black running through it as it was slicked up and pushed back is a sort of sweeping look. His eyes were the golden colour of honey. Your attention was caught by the dark grey wings folded against his back, with tears along the bottom. His gaze was drawn towards you.

“Ah, you’re awake. I trust Jinnie here was polite? He always is. Doesn’t have a mean bone in his body that one.” He said, grinning widely, showing off his dimples.

“Yes.” You whispered, voice wavering. You were terrified of him, despite his carefree personality you sensed that there was something sinister to him.

“Well, hello. I’m Namjoon, come on and sit down, take a minute to meet everyone. We won’t bite.” Namjoon. The one in the woods with his friend. The one supposedly unharmed by fire. You followed him warily, looking at all the residents of the room. One with pale blonde hair shot you a glare as you pass him, his back was against the wall and he didn’t make a sound as he flexed out his hand, displaying sharp black claws. You instinctively stepped away and bumped into something solid that felt of dried leaves. You immediately stepped back, seeing that what you’d come in contact with was Namjoon’s wings.

The next one you saw had orange hair that seemed to shimmer whenever the light hit it. He was thin, his skin smooth and pale. He had golden wings draped around himself with patches of green sprinkled over them, perfectly blending into the golden tones. The intricate swirls seemingly made of pure golden glitter perfectly fit in with the rest of his wings, partially transparent like looking through stained glass. He had no flaws in his appearance and looked like a beautifully painted fairy, dainty yet strong and perfect in every way like a creature of heaven.

Namjoon sat down on a grey sofa and indicated for you to sit beside him, too afraid to disobey you sat next to him and examined the corner of the room occupied with three people. One was fairly interesting, even from across the room you could see that his eyes were an unnaturally bright blue, he had nice chestnut brown hair with bluish purple tips. Thick black tattoos swirled up his biceps and you could see the points of a few lashing up onto his neck, with a second look you saw that they were moving, swimming around on his skin like black snakes slithering through grass.

Another one, obviously younger with black hair, falling just down to his eyes had large russet wings. They had rough, uneven edges like worn down wood from years of wear and tear. His face held a look of serenity that was oddly haunting. He was distant and not even paying the other boys a thought as he stared straight ahead as if there were something there that he couldn’t pry his eyes away from. Your eyes followed his gaze and saw nothing but the dark wooden wall. His fascination with the plain surface was odd, but intriguing.

There was the last one, boisterous and trying to get the silent one’s attention. He had brown hair with slightly green highlights and earrings that looked like long vines fell from his earlobes and twisted up and through the remainder of his ears. His green eyes sparkled as he widened them into the look of a dog begging for treats, batting his eyes for added effect. You would have given him what he wanted if he pulled that on you, he didn’t look threatening, he was just cute. The silent one pushed him away leaving the other pouting at him, looking like a kicked puppy.

“Those three over there are Taehyung, Jungkook and Hoseok. The extremely immature one with vines in his ears is Taehyung the elrking, the quite youngster is Jungkook and he is a manticore so I’d advise against getting on his bad side, and the other is the eldest of us all, Hoseok the kelpie, he can’t even remember how old he is because he lost count of the years. Over there, Jin is a deer man, he’s about seven and a half centuries old, give or take and the parental figure who keeps us all in check, most of the time. Yoongi, the werewolf is not the nicest of people, but if you get on his good side he’s actually pleasant. Jimin, the pixie is the youngest of us all, he’s young and reckless and really doesn’t like his wings being touched. Unless, of course you’re Yoongi.” This was genuinely confusing but it was hard to doubt or believe it was impossible but what you were seeing was anything but normal.

“Then… what are you?” you whispered, partially terrified.

“A dragon, I’ve only been in this human form for about a century.”

“Dragon…” you breathed.

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