The Alpacalypse

This is a story of an alpaca apocolypse. I like to call it an alpacalypse


6. The Escape

Jacky/Jacqueline's P.O.V. (his diary NOT real life) 1/7/2002

I got woken up from my timer at 6:30 this morning because I thought today was going to be Friday.  Nope it's Saturday/  "Better try to go back to sleep" I think to myself.  I lay back in bed and close my eyes, laying my head on my soft pillow.  I toss and turn for hours.  I just can't seem to sleep.  I keep thinking about John and the alpacas.  John is really cute.  But I'm two years older than him.  I want to ask him out on a real date but he might ask my age and think that's it's weird that I'm older than him.  Oh well.  That's a week problem.  This is the weekend.  A problem-free weekend.  (Or so she had hoped!!!!  Sorry...)  I finally got up and looked at the clock.  It was 8:42.  I slowly got out of bed and got dressed.  I brushed my hair and teeth than put on some foundation to hide my old lady wrinkles.  I may only be 26 but I have wrinkles... SIGH!!!!  I used the restroom and went out to take a walk.  Apparently John lives 2 blocks down from me.  I jogged over there.  What I saw was unbelievable.  There were fluffy llam- er alpacas jumping over the fence one by one.  It was like counting sheep except taller and somehow fluffier.  I ran to John's door and knocked.  The door opened and he looked surprised to see me.  "JOHN!!!!"  I screached and he looked like I had made him deaf from my screaching.  "The alpos are escaping!!!"  I said freaking out "Alpos??  There called alpacas... Wait....  WHAT?!?!".  He quickly ran to his garden as I followed behind him and when we got there, there was only one alpaca left.  He looked at us and his eyes sparkled.  an "Aww" escaped my mouth.  John looked at me with a face that said "This is no time to get tricked by their cuteness" I just nodded so he knew that I understand what he meant.  All of a sudden the alpaco- Alpaca was regenerating like crazy!  I let out a small scream.  I wanted to run and hide but John grabbed my wrist.  "It's gonna be okay..."  He whispered to me.  I started blushing like crazy.  I tried to hide my face but he saw me and gave me a confused look.  I just looked around until he said "Uhhh....  They are regenerating every single second!!!  THERE ARE MORE THAN 1000 OF THEM NOW!  RUUUUUUUUN!!"     (Narrator: OH NO!!!!  WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO NOW?!?!!?  FIND OUT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER OF "The Alpacalypse" :D)

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