The Alpacalypse

This is a story of an alpaca apocolypse. I like to call it an alpacalypse


3. coming quickly

John's P.O.V (life right now for him NOT diary)  1/5/2002

I sat up from my bed looking around.  I was still half asleep.  I than realized about the alpacas.  I quickly got dressed, put on my shoes and went to the garden with the alpacas.  This garden is right behind my house and I have kind of made it mine.  There were about 10 more alpacas than there were the other day.  I mean with growing and mating and everything.  I am still so confused about all of this.  I decided to go check out to the tree.  I was shocked.  Alpacas were growing and popping off the tree in seconds!!  I am getting kind of worried.  I don't think they will hurt anyone but what if I'm wrong?  What if when there are more of them they all team up and kill us??!?!?!!  I don't know but I do know that right now I should just take care of them and see if anyone wants to buy them from me.



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