Dead people: The Ghostly love

Issac has always been different, nut when his best friend commits suicide his world ends...Literally as in she haunts him into a sick twisted lover's contract with death forcing him to either kill the seven people who forced her to kill herself... or die himself joining his psychotic lover in the cruel afterlife.


2. Why does death love me?

(Issac age 17)



     This is where my story truly begins eight years of seeing them and life has only gotten worse. Now not only do demons, angels, and ghost come after me but now "They" watch me waiting for the slightest slip up...But no now I'm going to Hanted Highler Harendale's only High school (Yeah I know what a creepy ass name), eight years of living here and I only have one living friend, and there she is now.

"Talia! Talia wait up..." I say running up to my friend through a field of people I despised.

Talia turns around giving a slightly pained smile my way "Hey Issac what's up"

     I'm blown back every time I see her, perfectly black short hair swept sideways in a sexy emo way. She wears a black hoodie outlining her perfectly proportional body, her pale face still shines brighter than all the cute dead girls that visit me, and she actually cares about me. To say that I love her is an understatement, which is why i want to help heal her, but "They" are infested inside her. they crawl around in her body eating her inside and out. But then again they're inside everyone eating them, it's just something I've gotten used to.

I trying to catch breath "can I come over today, you know to help you study?" I ask.

 "IT" crawls out of her mouth as she answers " Nah I kinda just want to chill out home by myself, you know rock out and sleep parents are out of town plus it's Friday..." looking down at her feet

"oh.. okay well just text me if you need me I'll be home. You can stop bye at any time." I answer.

Talia blushes "OK will do love ya" she pecks my cheek with quick kiss before running off

"love ya too..." I whisper as she moves off into the distance.

           Walking home for me is always painful because the ones who comfort me are my ghosts. Julie age 15 dead suicide wrist slicing, Fitzy a cute 17 red head who drank bleach because her boyfriend dumped her, and 14 year old Suzy from the 1970's she was murdered because she was black, but that's a different story and time all together. they just follow me because i can see them and they din;t fell like being exorcised eh I don't mind it's just when they hit on me that it gets weird. And it just so happens that suicide and murder victims love me not that they;re bad looking girls it's just you know that they're dead...Julie is a cute petite Japanese girl with silky black hair she killed herself because of her abusive parents. Fitzy is your average hot nerd glasses, freckles, low self esteem, cool, smart and a bit crazy with hip long red hair. Whoever said gingers have no souls is a liar! But Suzy just likes to take advantage of my body especially when I'm asleep, lets just say I it's not always a good thing. I'm just glad ghosts can't get pregnant, it sucks that ghosts can actually touch me but i can't touch them, I mean feel them yes, but touch intentionally no. And i wouldn't want to because then 'They" touch me also. no but the reason i hate the walks home is because they always tease me. 

"Ha Issac you smooth aren't you.... why don't you just ask her out already. Get out of that friend zone." Fitzy says floating right by me.

"Shut up Fitz, Issac's a cutie he's just not ready for Tal."  Julie giggles floating through me

Suzy rubs her hand over chest resting head on my chest while walking."Yeah Fitz and Issac's ours anyways, I mean you don't like the idea of sharing either right?" she says purring on my chest as try to keep walking.

"guys it's none of your business OK, and so what if I'm friend zoned...I just don;t want to lose the way things are. I want to heal her first." i shout before ramming into a wall of muscle. 

        George is a living wall of hate who enjoys making my life a living hell, a strong, Hispanic, tall, mean, 18 year old wall of pure hate.  He's been my bully since the moment i got here, and "they" love to eat him they crawl his every inch, "they" were crawling off him sliding onto me like slimy sick centipedes of darkness and disgust. The I brush them off George smiles like he knows what i'm pushing off me. But he doesn't he'll never know, the girls do because they believe me, but they can't see them like I can, actually no one can....

" Hey freak talking to yourself again?" he lifts fist with a smile

"No George, can't you just leave me alone?" I lift my hands to protect my face

      As George reels back his fist to punch my face a dog runs up biting his *coughs* area, forcing him to let me go giving me the chance to run away. George grabbing his 'family jewels' yells after me but is too hurt to chase after me. Julie appears next me wiping her mouth.

"don't you ever make me have to do that again!" Julie hisses.

"Technically i didn't make you, you did it yourself" I argue

"Only to save your cute ass!" Suzy says giggling

"Issac you owe me big time" Julie says floating through my front door the others following her.

         My house ugh that's something i could never get used to i mean my room is cool it's dark in the giant attic haunted by three annoying ghosts. It's a big house used to be haunted but I fixed that in a most unpleasant way. I don't know that girl never did come back, but Doesn't mean life is normal. Dear God no... my mum started teaching me exorcism as soon as she believed I could see them, and dad took me to work teaching me how to force ably hurt a ghost and demon. I started learning how to exorcise when I was young my parent making a room to support this madness. We have a prayer room, blessing room,  weapons room, training room, and spirit power increasing meditation room where time literally stops. a kitchen designed to brew healing ailments and holy water, my dad being an ex priest and my mum a nun. Speaking of which they ditched me a year ago leaving a note stating they were going to Venice for an investigation and I need to get a job and use the 3 thousand dollars they left me wisely. leaving me alone in this giant house alone with three lusty girls who happen to be dead and clingy. The only job i could get was part time paranormal investigating for crazy people, which is how I ended up with these three crazies in the first place. I collapse on my bed after such a tiring day three crazy girls cuddle up to me waiting for me to fall asleep, they're freezing cold but I'm used to it by now i just don't care right now.

     ( Talia's room 9:20pm Talia's Pov)

"I'm done I've been infected, corrupted, and my hero Issac never came for me, he's too weak to save some one so dead already, Life isn't worth it the seven will just make my life hell more, but soon I'll be together with my Issac forever."

   I text Issac four words that I know will send him my way."Good bye my Love".I lift the ghost dagger that they gave me, finally i will join the reapers and Issac will join me soon. I thrust the dagger into my heart as i was Instructed to do by "them" pin flashes through my body as I slowly feel the life drain from me. My dying thoughts are..... Issac.

      (The ghost girls 8:50pm)

       Suzy placing her hands into Issac feeling his insides shiver at the thought of being in Issac. It's always been a turn on feeling his inside as she rides him. She enjoys this thrill of Issac's penis stretching her insides as she feels him. He's always so warm no matter how cold the girls are, his heat filling them up every time they have a night of passion. Of coarse Issac hates this kind of thing so Fitzy and Julie tie him up while he's asleep, his groans of protest only turn his attackers on even more, the three of them giggle playfully. Having sex with Issac is the only time they feel heat anymore in their cold lives, he's an addiction they can't break. Suzy finally sliding off of Issac cuddles with him as Julie mounts next, Fitzy silencing Issac from protesting by filling his mouth with her own tongue. Gently Suzy licks, biting Issac's nibbles while touching herself. The three ghosts groan with pleasure as another jet of heat explode through their bodies. Issac shoots Julie full of his life energy bringing color back to her as well. Issac's sperm i a fountain of life energy filling these three psycho girls with positive energy, he's the only reason these girl's haven't fallen into despair. all of them hurting after death until Issac came to save them each of them falling in love with this shy, dark, lonely boy that they have all to themselves. Fitzy finally relinquishing Issac's mouth pushes Julie off now dripping in excitement she wants life too. First she sets her lips on his 8 inch pleasure toys licking it clean as she sucks. Issac lets out a cry of protest as he head bobs up and down, his mind and voice screaming no, but his body has other ideas. Eight inches, three inches thick twitch with pleasure it begs for me willing to give off one more load. Fitzy gladly complies with it's wishes mounts cowgirl style like the others letting out a cry of pleasure as she sits on it full. All the girls cry out as Issac heats up even more the lusty ghosts buzzing in warmth, a heavenly feeling for being who are so cold. Fitzy  moves up and down Issac soaking in the heat filling inside her, she touches Julie and Suzy spreading the heat through her touch. They cry out trembling with this heavenly feeling Julie and Suzy kissing sending the heat in a continuing circle. Issac a prisoner in his own room and bed is used to this treatment because it's been done to him countless times over the last year. Issac feeling drained know they will never leave, because he's too nice to send them off, is only friends the dead girls he can never truly be with, sat a family with, or live with. Death being the only barrier and connection that they share. Fitzy speed ups sending Issac's body to send it out, Issac cries out as he shoots full load into Fitzy sending an Incredible heat into her spreading to the other two all of them screaming in pleasure simultaneously. The four of them collapsing from exhaustion Suzy and Julie undo Issac's restraints finally finished with their "torture" they fall asleep warm.

       (9:21 Issac's room)

      I feel a surge of pain in my heart, I've only been asleep for twenty minutes after the girls "fun time", but this is different my body flare up in pain like apart of my has died. I pick up my phone to see my phone to see a text from Talia, she just sent it i look down to read it my heart skipping a beat as I read it. Goodbye? No she better not have, in tears I rush out of bed startling the girls, but I don't care, no Talia is my only thought. I rush out running faster than I ever had in my life  to Talia's house which is only a couple blocks away. My body, head, and heart ache in extreme pain telling me the worst has happened, it's a feeling I haven't felt in a very long time. I can see her house ahead my feet ready to give out as they slam against the pavement, my breathing heavy and exhausted I see her there wanting looking out on the lawn. She looks the same, not dead, OK good my heart ready to burst I hug her tightly in a running embrace, tears still running down my eyes she feels warm, she's startled by my sudden embrace but quickly I feel her tight hug as well.

"I was so worried, I... I got a bad feeling all of a sudden...and I saw your text I got so worried." I say through my tears holding her face gently in my hands.

"aww thank Issac so you do care" Talia whispers wiping away my tears she whispers" I love you....Issac" leaning in eyes closed.

"Talia I.. I love.. you too." Leaning in I kiss her, her tongue sliding into my mouth I start to feel complete.

Through our kiss she breathes in the words"but it's too late my love"

      Up from her throat comes a torrent of "them" surging into my mouth like rancid sewage I try to push her off, but she held on fast. "They" crawl into my mouth by the thousands slithering down my throat biting into me like black centipedes filled with poison. Finally mustering enough strength I push her off throwing up a black pool of inky like poison I fall to my knees watching the insects crawl under my skin, black blood showing through my veins, my skin becoming pale I see the edges of my hair turn a ghostly white, body rejecting the poison sends off a white aura, my cross exploding with light. I look up to her.

"Talia what the hell did you do to me?" I shout griping my chest throwing up another waves of black liquid.

Talia laughs softly in an evil way. She speaks up in a dark voice her eyes shining bright red with a grin spreading literally from ear to ear "Oh Issac I just put a tiny little curse on you, and if you can't kill the 7 shits that infected me then you will die in two months." *throwing her head back she laughs crazily lifting her shirt* She reveals a giant gaping hole in her stomach all the way to right below her breasts, rotten decaying organs fall out of her hole, she pulls her black shirt down. "You knew "they" were eating me my love, you knew that I was in great pain even when I didn't know. Death has revealed so much to me!" She squeals leaning on a scythe that seemed to appear out of no where. "If you had just told me how you felt, that you loved me sooner maybe things would've been different, but it's late Issac in two months you'll be mine. Hand and hand we'll go to Hell my love because now I'm a reaper and I have my sights on your soul."

My body steams in the cold air "they" finally calming down start breeding in me, i feel it the process of breeding, the laying of eggs I feel it.... My love is bat shit crazy, the only living person I've ever loved loved dead because of me. And all I can say is "Why?"

Talia chuckling softly answers "Because I love you and I don't you to be with those bitches any more. Because now you're mine and only mine forever. Because i want you to suffer as I have my love, so you can understand why I did it. There are 7 holders of them in Harendale that control the school, they hold entire nests of "them" spreading "them" to everyone until they control the whole school. They are called the seven deadlies, yes after the sins so over used right? Any ways in order to remove the curse, which isn't what i want, but in order to remove it you must murder these seven students. Along with you're curse I've given you added strength, speed, endurance, and the ability to use "them" to project dark power in any way you can imagine, only back lash is it will speed up the hatching process. If you can't kill the hosts in two months the eggs will hatch eating you alive forcing you to take your own life. Any questions my love?"

Lifting my head as high as I could I spit out "Yeah just one why did I ever fall in love with you crazy bitch?!" Sirens echoing in the back round as I collapse.

"I don't know my love, but I'm lad you did, because now I have a reason to destroy all you love... first starting with mom and dad" kissing Issac's lips she lifts Him with her new mind powers sending him through a portal home. Laughing she walks away from her house as the police come due to a mysterious call about a suicide. But the mortals can't possibly see the maleficent creature before them, and never will they know anything about the horrors yet to come to the twisted town of Harendale.






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