Dead people: The Ghostly love

Issac has always been different, nut when his best friend commits suicide his world ends...Literally as in she haunts him into a sick twisted lover's contract with death forcing him to either kill the seven people who forced her to kill herself... or die himself joining his psychotic lover in the cruel afterlife.


3. My master

     (Issac's room two days after the curse)

"Guys we gotta take him to Harold he'll know what to do..." Fitzy says

"No Harold hates us and what can he do for Issac when we gave him all the healing potions in the house?" Suzy argues

"Yeah Fitz if those can't fix him then nothing will...right?" Julie says solemnly. The three girls float over their dying love as he writhes in pain his veins pumping black liquid. The girls debating on whether they should take him to his master father Harold of Harendales only church. A man who hates ghost, and hates to help anyone out with out a catch not exactly a man of God but he's the only one with excessive knowledge on the paranormal.

"Fuck it guys I don't care if he exorcises us we need to do something he's in pain and a drink that can grow back severed limbs isn't even working on him." Fitzy yells

Suzy pauses looking at Issac crying out in pain "Damn it!!! I know you're right... Fuck help me pick him up we got to do something.We're taking him to the drunk bastard."

     The girls gently picking up the dying man fly him out the window to the only man in this god forsaken town who can help. A perverted 40 year old priest whose taught Issac how to exorcise almost any demon and ghost. Father Harold...

     (Venice at the exact time) Talia

    The blonde woman is unaware of the horror that stalks her every move hunting for her and her husbands life. The creature is sick, twisted, and insane a creature who's after their souls all for her twisted revenge. She's beautiful with long flowing straight hair, not too tall but not to tall she's a perfect match for the dark man she clings too. Her pale skin matching his bronze skin some how in a weird mixed way, his height barely a foot taller than her, his long curly hair constantly getting in the way of his dark black eyes that shine with life. Ha too easy these fools lack the gift and can't see me like Issac, ah poor, poor, Issac we'll see mum and dad in Hell. The shadowy female of hatred follows the couple a dark aura surrounding her, as she walks on causing the people around her to collapse to the floor with a deathly thud. No longer will she ever embrace the arms of the living, never again she able to graze her lips upon life's sweet lips, her presence reeking of only death. A wrathful reaper whose only objective is to destroy all that love holds dear. Starting with the parents that abandoned him a year ago...

     I hold my scythe close to me it's time to kill, kill, kill!!!!! HAAAAHAHAHAHA They'll pay yup,yup they'll pay for making him suffer. yeah I made him suffer but that's different he couldn't be my prince, so now he'' be dead for me."MUM, DAD wait up, it's time to meet your new daughter!" I run into the meadow they hiked to chasing them, why they walked all to a clearing in the middle of the forest beats me. Hopefully they lead me here oh what fun that'll be. They turn to me now frowning pressing a button on a strange remote. A cage springs up capturing me, yeah right like they could hold me back, "OWWWWWWeeee" the bars are lined with white electricity. Huh? Oh!!! I know how I'll get out of this I swing my Scythe back covering it with a deathly aura I slice cutting the cage in two. The stupid human think they can hold me back, but no they can't, I have power now, and now people will pay. Like Issac's mummy and daddy. I walk slowly towards my soon to be parents holding the weapon of their demise making sure I smile for that perfect first impression, activating my solid form allowing them to see the face of death... and it is beautiful....

    (The church)Issac

   I don't remember much except for the searing pain of these vicious creatures eating away onto my skin laying their evil spawn into my ow decaying body. i hear their dark whispers dance in my head cover my mind through my ears like the black slime they ooze. Her laughter echoing my dreams her scythe slowly cutting me letting me bleed out. But now I hear master his voice filled with anger and worry, his touch sending pain to shoot throughout every cell in my body.  I know master can see "them", he sees every thing but he says we don't talk about "them", masters yelling at my friends... my friends who are they again? I try to speak but my voice comes out pained and sore, "Don't yell, my fault, Talia loves me? " Spewing out another torrent of black goo i faint again hearing crying as the world becomes dark again.

     The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that I hurt like hell, but not as much as I used to, more like numbing pain. I'm asleep on the front pue in the church master sitting up staring at me from the altar. The girls are gone probably threaten by master, I try to sit up staring at master, the moon shining a view of the dark church. his eyes blood shot with worry his black cloak stained blacker than usual his beard stricken with worry, dark bags fill his wrinkles.

Harold: *standing up* Withered white wings spread from his back dropping from pain. "Four days you have been here taking back your life energy and healing. The council of angels inform me what has happened, I'm sorry Issac but your parents are ....deceased."

    Never have I ever wanted to say something more than right now, I know who did it... they were alive last week i could feel their aura but now I don't. They ascended directly never will I see me parents again...

Me:* tears push from my eyes rolling down my dying face* "It was her wasn't it?" Harold looks at me with pained eyes..."Wasn't it!!!!!!! Tell me damn It...tell me" My body trembling in pain, my heart again shattering in one week, both things I truly cherish are dead, killed by the same psycho path.

Harold:*breathing deeply in* "Issac yes, Talia Rae the new born death reaper took your parents from this world. And it wasn't just your parents but her own as well, she infected you with something called the seven deadly death curse. Each circle on your back feeds a nest of her sins, a curse that forces the sins of the reapers past life to devour the bearer of the curse. And if you can't break every morale in your dying body by killing those seven ugly bastards, then you will die....You are alive because those three girls gave you back your life force giving up all warmth, or chance they had of going to heaven. They are wraiths now or revengeful souls, your friend Talia is now a Wraith Death Reaper and she is bent on destroying all you love. Your only option is to kill or be killed, you can kill her but not until the curse is lifted.... and even if you lift the curse your body will start to fail in a couple years leaving you crippled and dying."

     You know how sometimes you get some crazy ass bad news that you hear but can't register? this is one of those times, not only am I dying because I fell in love with the wrong person, but now everything else I love is dying near me because of me. If I don't kill seven people who I don't even fuckin know I will die, but even if i do that a crazy obsessive reaper will be after my soul so I have to kill the one girl I love. only to find out that I won't be able to enjoy my life because I will become crippled for life with my only friends haunting and terrorizing this shitty town. I have to do something.... but dying seems so easy right now.

     I stand up grabbing my black coat over my sore body, I splash holy water over my face to wake my self up, the water stinging my newly sinful body. I turn around to hug my master when I noticed him gone, whit feathers littering the floor. Ha didn't know the old bastard was an angel, then again I only saw him as my perverted master, but that's a story for another time. Grabbing masters cigarette box near the door I light one lifting the toxic smoke to me lips, If the curse is going to kill me then i guess stress relieving toxic isn't going to do the job sooner. throwing masters lighter into the old church it blazes up the old wood burning up. I walk out of the church now on a mission to reclaim something left in my life. Hello world Issac Moore has new goal in life, to bring down as many corrupt bastards before he dies. And so starts the seventh day the day of a new beginning no longer will it be my day of rest.



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