With meta-humans coming out of hiding, society has yet to accept who they are and what they can do. Registration is mandatory or they face the harsh penalty. Two outcasts neglected this order. Rebelling against the system was where it started. Does it end with their enslavement from being born different? Or will their rebellion be the ultimate sanctuary? FlashFrost/Snowbarry AU.


2. Chapter 2


I rubbed my eyes about ready to phase my hand through everyone's chest if it wasn't completely illegal for me to do so. Some days I'm kind of done with this place. Very few people actually make eye contact with me, but it brings home the rent, I guess. Maybe Clark Kent can do it at The Daily Planet—fuck him very much—but here, at Picture News, folks either come here to flourish or get left behind with their tail wagging between their legs. Of course I didn't "picture" myself choosing this profession; I only did it to cover up who I really am. A bit of a cover up of a cover up if you will...

Hating this word every day but I'm sort of a Batman-type minus the moral code. I have a limit but I don't like to use it. Usually my methods tend to work more often than not if I use them to my full advantage. In this world, in Central City, how else do you get the truth out of someone who defied giving it? Resting my case here. As long as people don't suspect me I'm good. I kind of have to live this way. I vibrate my face and voice to help me mask my alter ego as much as I can; I have the Meta-Human Act to thank for that. Wankers at best, they really fucked it up for all of us metas. I can't help but think it's pure jealously on their part.

Do I think society is so gung ho about metas that I'll be welcomed with open arms the second I reveal myself to the city? Not in this world, maybe in another, even then I think people will still find it hard to accept that which is different. In fact, metas are feared more than they are accepted in co-existence. The public decides, rather chooses to dread rather then look through our eyes and understand there are people in this world that may not be like everyone else. It would be the same in comparison to a brunette to a blonde, though more extreme. Most of us are harmless, in all honestly it's better when people look at me in dismay rather than try to relate to me; they never will.

As far as my code name goes, I mean, they just get shittier as they go around the water cooler. Picture News had this awful idea to call me "the streak" what the fuck? I do more than that for the city. I was assigned an editorial on a one piece about the masked speedster—yep hated that name too—and I finally had the cool task to coin my own meta human name. I am The Flash. I know right? It probably sounded like something out of a comic book from the '40s but I was so determined to represent what I do in a positive light, even though my methods and antics aren't always rainbows and sprinkles. I get the job done, that's the point.

It's not like I could call my mom or dad and brag about my vigilante persona like I was just awarded something of high caliber. In a way I was, but this city will never hold my meta abilities to where they should be. Just recently I was promoted to Editor-in-Chief for our main news section of Picture News. As soon as I got the news I almost called my mom, but then I realized I don't have a mom, I don't have a dad. Those were taken away from me before I could really comprehend what I lost. The sad part of this whole thing is that I'll never find out who murdered them. I've been digging and digging for years and still nothing. Either no one's talking or I'm imagining things.

Because of the Meta Human Act I can't use my abilities in a way I want to. Apparently it's this rule where if you use it, you are deemed unfit in society to exist. That's interesting considering I'm a capable tax paying adult with a formidable and rather lucrative job that only recently ousted one of the most famous ponzy schemes of the entire city. My article made people think. It's amazing, society seems to think just because of the way I was born and what I can do that I don't deserve the same rights as everyone else.

I wear the cowl for my safety. I've had a couple run-ins on occasion with people face to face; that is where the vibrating and voice modulation comes in handy. If it weren't for that I might as well go into complete seclusion and ignore what made me who I am. Not a chance. Some fucked up rule isn't going to stop my intentions one iota. The government is doing this to scare every meta human, even dare them to show them powers more in public. In all honesty I fear for people who can't hide their true form. I've been in lucky category in that I could blend in. Human metas have it easier, do it in secret. Don't get caught. Penalty is...well, they—the powers that be—have alluded the punishment for revealing your true self would be torture of some sort. Government experiments. Using abilities for personal gain instead of humane reasons.

Truth be told, I'm not a saint here. I have the personal restraint to control myself when I interrogate someone for information but it doesn't get me the answers I want. People listen and talk when they're afraid; I just do my part to open up Pandora's box and in flows exactly what I need. The only case I haven't been able to solve is my parents but I feel like as I mentioned, it has something to with someone extremely high up in power. Bigger than Jimmy Hoffa, more than Sinatra and his right hand arm man Jilly could handle. This is possibly a huge labyrinth that I have yet to crack and I know I'm looking in the wrong places. I ought to up my stakes if I really wanted to solve this case. As a Journalist, there is only so much you can tell, even though we are after the truth, it comes at a cost. No one wants the truth out, especially if it's ugly and could have them rotting in prison. It's my job to dig it out of them, by any means.

You wouldn't know I do this kind of dirty work based on my appearance alone. If I geek it up people don't suspect anything. If I overly geek then people get annoyed. At work I try to be the MVP but do my best to blend with the crowd. That farm boy Kent has more experience in public deception, I don't look at it that way, the less people who know, the better I can do my job. Even if my parents were still alive I wouldn't tell him. Not just to protect them, but you never know who could threaten them with information. There's so many people I don't know out there. Meta humans, like me, searching for meaning. A home. A place to stay. Food to eat. A family. Acknowledgement. List goes on...

At the moment all I can do is try not to appear like I lead a double life, so far so good. I haven't run into anyone that may expose me, I've done a pretty sound job in protecting my identity. Society isn't ready for me, nor do I care about making life a cozy, warm existence for them. I know the battles ahead and I focus on those, trying to make everyone happy is pointless. I dare you reading this right now to try that even for a second. You'd have better luck being struck by lightning and living then completely self-sacrifice for others.

What's the point of being a hero anyway if they're just going to look at you in disgust?

I'm always the last one to leave this place, go figure. I should probably patrol if I have nothing better to do with my time. I'm sure the night owls of Central City would love that. Never mind though, I was on a quest for answers. My compass was pointing to a well known mob front that practically bought off the mayor in the last election. Maybe I should pay them a little visit, play with them for a bit until I get what I came for.

If I do this now, I won't have to worry about putting it off again out of constrain. Yes, even I, Barry Allen, The Flash, has a limit...sometimes. I've been too afraid to confront this situation. It's time I get over my shit and put those scum bags in their places.

I changed into my suit behind the alley, no cameras there, even though I'm super fast, like fucking ultra fast, I don't want all the attention. I know, it sounds funny, you'd think wearing a costume I'd want to show it off, even for the burly security guards on the graveyard shift downstairs. I went to an alley that didn't have cameras on top of the street lights. We have those now, feels unnecessary.

I got my vibrating on, gearing my engines to speed halfway across town only to realize I went the wrong way. Fuck me. I rolled my eyes and spun around revving my engines just a bit more until I heard a scream close to me.

Another strong roll of my eyes, fuck fuck fuck! Not now. I really didn't want my good conscious to be triggered right before I do something actually important. God I hope she's got pepper spray. Alright, making this one quick, that's what I do best.

I pulled the hefty dude off this girl, half naked, scared with bold mascara running down her cheeks and checked on her before I knocked him to the ground with one punch.

I approached her but she backed away in shock, can't blame her. As much as I hate doing these things, stuff like this bothers me. Women should not be walking alone at night, especially dressed the way she was. Club attire. My face broke in concern, I wish I could console her but she didn't want to look at me, let alone take my hand from falling down. She collapsed and I got the message.

I almost turned around but I hesitated before asking in my modulated tone. "Hey, you OK? Do you need me to take you home?"

She frantically shook her head, almost looking at me but not really. What was she waiting for? My god I wasted my time again.

Fuck this. I turned around for good this time until her shaky voice halted me.

"You're one of them, aren't you? One of the...m-m-meta humans." Even the way she said it made me want to heave.

I glanced to the side but I didn't stare at her, there was too much going on in my and I wanted nothing to do with this girl anymore.

"Whatever..." I trailed off on purpose, scoffing into my unsaid words. "Get home safe."

I heard her struggle to stand up, the douche obviously got really far with her. I could hear her clothes being fastened back on, as much as she could. She sniffed before coming close to me. I kept my back turned, ready to tread onto the real reason I'm out here but my feet and head weren't working together.


I didn't want to wait, my feet were glued to the ground, eyes closed tightly, no, I won't, not this time. Not when I've been strong for so long.

"I don't live far, c-could you take me back...please?" She begged me.

To avoid balling I said nothing and grabbed her up as she told me the way, speeding out of there. As soon as I arrived I stared at her for a moment. Her eyes searching mine as if she thought I might talk to her. No way, I didn't sign up for this, I'm not a shrink; I'm not even my own shrink.


"Thank you...Flash." She shouted managing a smile before I sped out of there back to the area I just came from.

Seeing that piece of shit lying on the ground, still knocked out, I made the decision in a split second. He may know something, usually all criminals know something through the grapevine. This could be a stepping stone. The guy still had his pants off, disgusting. Shit, I'll just look at his eyes then.

I picked him up and threw him with all my strength against the brick wall. That woke him up instantly. I gave another hard right hook to his jaw and super punched his abdomen. He grabbed his body in pain and doubled over when I went to catch my breath. OK, enough, for now.

I brought his body against the wall, holding him up by his tattered clothes, which stank of harsh street drugs. Definite coke fiend, probably heroin, the guy smelled like he washed himself with another drug addict.

"Hey asshole, know Carmine is?" I banged his head again until he yelped in pain. "Speak you sack of shit."

"C-carmine? N-no I don't w-who that is. Fuck, would you stop!"

I had enough of this, I took my hand to the side, he watched my every move as I made it vibrate hard. His eyes bugged out when I moved it closer to him.

"Tell me again, who is Carmine? Where is he?" I barked, moving my hand slowly inch by inch until he quacked.

About fucking time.

"There's this guy...ugh, he's talking to, working with this fucked up dude. Look I don't know anymore more. Nobody talks about him, if you do you're off'd. He don't trust no one." I can't decide if I believe him or I just wanna break up that mob party already.

"Who's this fucked up dude? Who?"

"He'll kill everyone, what's the point?" Now he was begging for me to kill him, what the fuck?

I pulled my hand back, feeling the power in my vibrations getting stronger and more powerful.

"You seem happy to die...mind if I help you out?" I grit my teeth, losing my patience.

My hand came slowly toward his body and he flinched.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! The mayor knows his name, he works for him. He brought his election. That's all I know, swear it." His voice shook and glared hard at him before considering my next move.

I released him, "Fuck off before I change my mind."

He scampered off the opposite direction, pulling up his pants as he whimpered away from the alley.

I had two choices as I begun walking the other direction toward my previous destination. I stopped midway when I saw a familiar poster hammered against a graffiti plastered brick wall. Meta-Human Act. I hissed and stabbed it with my lightening setting it instantly to ashes on the dreary pavement.

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