Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

After arriving at Ka'Tula to receive and command his first starship Gabriel, Jen and the rest of his crew found out they are in a middle of a civil war between the inhabitants of the planet and Celestial Being. This is the very first mission of the USS Yorktown.


7. 7

On the bridge they watched as the main body of the KSF advanced towards them and Gabriel said, “Helm I want you to advance at full impulse fire both phaser banks at the space carriers and fire torpedoes at the GN-X III’s and other mobile suits to clear a path for us and break them up.” The navigator said, “Sir we would be in direct line of sight of their weapons as well!” Gabriel sat back in his chair (as if relaxing) and said, “Yes, but we have shields and they do not.” Helm said, “Sir, phaser crews and torpedoes are ready!” Gabriel said (with a hint of urgency), “Fire phasers!” Then the sound of phaser discharge is heard and outside the Yorktown the ship fired phasers one and two at the incoming ships and blasted large holes through two of the former A-Law’s carriers.  They watched as the phasers struck home and the helmsman said, “Hit sir!  Two space carriers heavily damaged!” The bridge then shook as outside the Yorktown’s shields are hit by a series of random rifle shots from the mobile suits and Gabriel said, “Fire torpedoes, full spread!” Helm replied, “Yes sir!  Torpedoes firing!” Outside torpedoes started firing from the Yorktown and blew apart asteroids and mobile suits, if the shockwaves of the explosions didn’t break them apart.  Helm said (with a hint of excitement), “Multiple hits sir!” Jen looked down at her scanner and said, “Readings coming in.  12 mobile suits destroyed while more than a dozen damaged.” Gabriel said, “Are they still firing?” The bridge shook as if in reply and Gabriel said, “Never mind, continue firing.” The Yorktown fired more torpedoes as she barreled down on the mobile suits positions and more mobile suits and asteroids exploded or broke apart.  Jen said, “We destroyed more...” The bridge shook violently as everyone held onto their stations and Gabriel said, “Commander?” Jen replied, “Sir they are firing Ion rockets on us!  We lost 15% of our shields!” Gabriel turned to the helm and yelled, “Fire phasers point blank!” The Yorktown fired both forward phaser banks directly ahead and there was a brilliant flash that filled the main viewer and the Yorktown shook violently while on the bridge the crew tried to cover their eyes and everyone held on to anything that is solid while Gabriel slouched back in his chair trying to cover his eyes and hang on until the light dissipated and the shaking stopped.


    Everyone quickly assumed their stations as Gabriel sat up in his chair and said, “What was that?” Jen looked down at her scanner and said, “They must had a supply of Ion rockets and our phasers detonated them on impact.” They looked at the view screen to show a mess of wreckage from destroyed or ripped apart various KSF mobile suits and large chunks of debris that were once part of the carriers.  Jen said, “I read four Baikal ships completely destroyed and two severely damaged.  I can’t count how many mobile suits because there is too much debris.” The bridge crew looked in awe but Gabriel paid no mind and said, “Helm, turn 90 degrees to starboard and engage the enemy fleet above.” The helmsman looked perplexed and said, “Sir, should we...” Gabriel cut in, “Do you want us to end up like the David Coben?  Follow your orders!” Helm rapidly pressed his controls and said, “Yes sir, right away sir!” The Yorktown moved up to the right at full impulse.  Communications said, “Sir I’ve intercepted a transmission from one of the space carriers calling the ambush fleet to attack us!” Gabriel replied, “Try to jam their signal!  Range to fire on the fleet above!” Jen watched her scanner and replied, “5,000 kilometers and closing!” After a few seconds the space on the view screen suddenly lit up with bolts of red and green light from the asteroids in front of them and Gabriel yelped, “Fire torpedoes now!” Helm replied, “Torpedoes firing!” The Yorktown suddenly fired torpedoes and they exploded at the asteroids in front of the Yorktown (where the KSF fleet tried to hide). 

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