Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

After arriving at Ka'Tula to receive and command his first starship Gabriel, Jen and the rest of his crew found out they are in a middle of a civil war between the inhabitants of the planet and Celestial Being. This is the very first mission of the USS Yorktown.


5. 5

The next morning Gabriel was woken up as the call panel went off next to him and he answered (grudgingly), “Who is this?” Ian replied, “Well good morning to you too captain.  I have the report of the work progress on the Yorktown, if you care to look at it.” Gabriel replied, “Me and my exec will be in your office.” He got dressed and left his quarters, but once he did he saw Jen just left her quarters in her uniform as well and Gabriel hid his puzzlement even as they entered the turbo lift.  They entered Ian’s office and Ian said, “Good news captain.  Most of the interior is complete, but the main and impulse engines still need work and the ship should be ready.”  Gabriel seemed impressed and said, “You did all of that in one night?” Ian replied, “Well you want the ship as soon as possible.” Gabriel said, “Then I guess the engines will be ready tomorrow?” Ian replied, “Either tomorrow or the day after.  Depending if the warp core will accept the dilithium crystals.” Gabriel said, “Then I suggest you get to work right away.  Who knows when those cloaked  ships will attack us.” Ian replied, “Yes sir, we will do our best.” Gabriel and Jen left Ian’s office and Jen said, “Captain are you sure those are Romulans and not Klingons?  Those warbirds...” Gabriel cut in, “I’m sure.  There is no point or even possible for the Klingons to travel this far in Federation space, cloaking or no cloaking device.  The only people that could benefit from this chaos would be the Romulans, so when the conditions are right enough they could invade this section of space since the Federation will have no supply or base of operations in the northern defense line of the Neutral Zone.” Jen stared at him and said, “You mean now we have to deal with both the KSF and the Romulans?” Gabriel replied, “That’s right.” Jen scowled and said, “Starfleet better send more than a few ships or else we are done for.” Gabriel looked confident and said, “I’m sure the Yorktown would handle them even if they do send a few ships.” They waited outside the turbo lift as Jen sighed and said, “Your confidence sometimes gets on my nerves.” Gabriel replied, “Get use to it.  You are the executive officer after all.”  The turbo lift opened and Jen and Gabriel entered as Jen made an irritated sigh and Gabriel smirked.


    The next day the communications terminal beeped and Gabriel got up, grumbling, and pressed the button and said, “This better be an emergency.” On audio only Milena spoke with urgency, “Sir I’m sorry to disturb you but you and Commander Law should come up to the command center immediately!” Gabriel (now alert) said, “We’ll be right up!” He hurriedly put on his uniform and once he left his quarters Jen, once again, stood outside his door and Gabriel stumbled back and said, “WOO!  Stop standing outside my door like that!  That gives people the impression that you maybe stalking me!” Jen (unfazed) said, “I’ll remember next time.” And they went to the nearest turbo lift and before the doors closed Gabriel looked at her with puzzlement.  


    The turbo lift doors opened and Jen and Gabriel entered the command center to see many crewmen bustling about and Gabriel said, “Okay, what’s going on?” He then noticed Sumeragi, Ian, Setsuna and Felt are there as well when they turned and Milena said, “I think we have been discovered!” Jen looked shocked and said, “How?” Ian replied, “We’re not sure how but the KSF is massing six former A-Law’s space carriers on the far end of the belt!” Gabriel looked at the video monitors and saw them and he said, “Report this to Starfleet and tell them to send aid immediately.” Milena said, “Our long range communications are being blocked, including the moon base!” Gabriel looked grim and said, “Mr. Vashti, is my ship ready?” Ian replied, “Impulse power only.  We are still working on the core to accept the dilithium crystals.” Gabriel replied, “You better hurry because the only way the people at this station will evacuate safely rests solely on the Ptolemaios, the gundams and the Yorktown.” Ian sighed and left the command center, walking fast to the turbo lift.  Setsuna said, “What should we do in the meantime?” Gabriel said, “How long till they reach here?” Milena said, “Four hours.” Sumeragi said, “Have everyone prepare to evacuate!” Gabriel said, “Milena?” Milena turned to him and said, “Yes sir?” Gabriel said, “Warn us when those ships begin to move towards us.” Milena replied, “Yes sir.” Gabriel went to the turbo lift as Jen followed with a puzzled look on her face and the turbo lift doors closed.

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