Star Trek X: The Ka'Tula Conflict

After arriving at Ka'Tula to receive and command his first starship Gabriel, Jen and the rest of his crew found out they are in a middle of a civil war between the inhabitants of the planet and Celestial Being. This is the very first mission of the USS Yorktown.


3. 3

It was dead silent in the command center as they watched the USS David Coben vanish along with three Virginia class space carriers and four others peeling away as they were damaged as well as multiple GN-X III’s as they were blown away by the shockwave of the explosion.  Jen was the first one to speak when she said, “Sir, they are retreating.”  Gabriel did not reply and Jen said, “Sir?” She sighed and got up from her seat and jabbed Gabriel in the ribs from behind and he looked back at her shocked as he yelped in pain.  Jen said (irritated), “Did you hear me?” Gabriel replied, “Yes, yes I heard!” He turned back to the holographic display and once the Ka’Tula Space Forces (KSF) left the area he proceeded to the turbo lift and said, “I’ll be in hanger observation deck 2.” Before anyone else could reply the turbo lift doors closed and Jen breathed through her nostrils in anger.


    Gabriel stood in the observation room overlooking the hanger bay as he watched the crew departing from the shuttles of the late David Coben and Ptolemaios when the door to the observation deck opened and Gabriel turned to see Captain Sumeragi approaching him and Gabriel somberly said, “Ms. Sumeragi I’m...” He felt a hand smack across his face and he stumbled back a little shocked as Ms. Sumeragi glared at him and yelled, “How can you allow Captain Till to do that!  Now we have nothing to defend this base except are four gundams!” Gabriel replied calmly, “It was the only way to stop them.  If he didn’t do it those in the shuttles would have been slaughtered.  At least now it stopped them temporarily and the Federation will most definitely commit their forces to end this conflict soon.” Ms. Sumeragi did not looked impressed and she gave Gabriel a sheet of paper and said, “This is from Starfleet Command and it’s addressed to you.” Gabriel took the paper, looked at it and said, “To Captain Gabriel Valkyrie from Starfleet Command.  Our outposts along the Romulan Neutral Zone have informed us about the events that have just transpired at Lagrange Point 3 and have notified us about the destruction of the USS David Coben.  The Federation Council has unanimously decided that the Ka’Tula Federation WILL cease hostilities against Celestial Being or else they will be considered as enemies of the Federation and will do whatever means to protect those (Celestial Being) that are being threatened by them.  We have sent our demands to Ka’Tula and are sending a fleet of starships to aid Celestial Being and to keep the peace.  At this point you are only to observe and report back to us if they have followed our terms or not.  Signed Starfleet Command.” Sumeragi stared at Gabriel as he smiled at her and said, “Well I’m sure that will keep Ka’Tula off our backs a little longer.  Don’t you think Ms. Sumeragi?” Sumeragi replied with frustration, “Yes, for now.” Gabriel put the paper in his pocket and said, “By the way Ms. Sumeragi I like to go over the plans about our defenses and strategy later.” Sumeragi replied, “Sorry, I’m a little busy like tending to my wounded crewmen and what’s left of my ship.” Gabriel made a disappointed face and said, “Too bad.  I hope we get to know each other a little better.” He left the observation deck as Sumeragi watched him leave and one of her eyes flashed yellow.


    Gabriel exited the turbo lift and walked past various engineers on his way to his quarters and when he entered an arrow flew right by his face and struck a target on the far wall as Gabriel jumped back in shock and yelped, “WHAT THE...” He looked to his left and saw Jen with a bow as she lowered it and said calmly, “Didn’t hear you come in.” Gabriel replied (still in shock), “That’s a lie.” She put the bow and arrows away not caring what he said and Gabriel pulled out a small card from his pocket and said, “Anyway, I have something that will allow us to at least see our ship.” She immediately looked at him as if she is shocked but did not show it as Gabriel smirked at her.  They left Gabriel’s quarters and found a turbo lift that had a keycard access and Jen turned his back to him as he inserted the card and when the light turned green the turbo lift doors opened and they entered and found a label under one of the button’s that said, “Construction Hanger” and Gabriel pressed it and the turbo lift doors closed before it moved.  As the turbo lift moved Gabriel and Jen noticed the back half was solid glass as they saw what looks like welders welding sections of a large object and workmen looking up examining their progress.  The turbo lift continued upwards as Gabriel and Jen see more welders and noticed with curiosity that they are welding on what appears to be a saucer section.  When the turbo lift slowed they saw the ship (that looks like a mixture of the original Enterprise in the original series, mostly, and the Enterprise in the recent Star Trek movies) and the top front of the saucer section, bridge and warp nacelles all teaming with welders and various workers.  Gabriel and Jen looked at the front of the bridge to notice the name USS Yorktown NCC-0548 written on it and Gabriel smirked and said, “Hmm.  Fitting name from a battle that sealed America’s independence from Britain and A US carrier that sealed the fate of the Japanese Empire at the Battle of Midway.” Jen said, “I guess they expect our ship to be a key to a turning point of what’s going on?” Gabriel replied, “Seems like it.” The turbo lift suddenly stopped and Jen looked worried (except Gabriel) till the doors opened to reveal two security guards in green and white uniforms pointing phasers at them and both Jen and Gabriel raised their hands, all the while Gabriel looked extremely calm.


    Ian Vashti yelled, “What gives you the right to go into a restricted area without my authorization?” Gabriel and Jen stood in Ian’s office not flinching or worried as he yelled with two guards behind them.  Gabriel replied, “I’m sorry, but we have been waiting patiently for you to at least show us our ship and since you and your wife are busy we took matters into our own hands.” Ian replied, “That’s no excuse, especially pick pocketing an ID card that doesn’t belong to you and not telling us where you are going!” Gabriel replied, “Then you just proven my point that we have been under surveillance ever since we arrived.” Jen did not look shocked but more irritated as she stood there and Ian replied (holding back his frustration), “Since you twice tried to conquer the galaxy we just don’t trust you.” Gabriel replied, “I do acknowledge my past actions but I have changed ever since and I am now trying to save the Federation and Zhargosia from being torn apart by this Lord Serenity and those that have escaped on Zhargosia’s prison planet.  This does not excuse the fact that from what I have seen you have both lied to me and the Federation that my ship is completed which in fact it isn’t.”  Ian said, “We were on schedule till current events changed that and we are doing the best we can under the circumstances.” Gabriel said, “I understand but now since there is a temporary peace I suggest you put more effort into completing my ship before the Federation ships arrive, or else you will have to explain to them why you lied to the Federation Council and cost the lives of more than a 100 crewman of the USS David Coven and its captain when it could have been avoided if you told them the truth.” There is silence and Gabriel said (as he straightened his uniform), “Now if there is nothing else and I am not being charged with something then me and my executive officer will leave.” They turned to leave only that the guards stood their ground and blocking their way.  Gabriel said calmly, “Let me remind you that keeping us prisoner or under surveillance will also not look good when the Federation finds out.” Ian nods at the guards and they stood aside as Gabriel and Jen left Ian’s office.  Gabriel and Jen stepped into the turbo lift just outside Ian’s office and once the doors closed Gabriel pressed a button and the turbo lift began to move.  Gabriel said (with a hint of sarcasm), “You were a lot of help.” Jen replied (as if not caring), “You handled it well by yourself.” Gabriel said, “You could at least say something.” Jen replied (as the turbo lift began to slow), “Not all of us have a sibling that could help you get what you want so easily.  Let alone being cocky even if you are pardoned from what you have done in the past.” The turbo lift doors opened and Jen stepped out before Gabriel could and walked away as Gabriel looked on with a little disappointment and sadden.

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