Please don't go

Blair Clifford falls for her brothers best friend Luke Hemmings and then a tragic event happens.


2. 卌

      I walk into my room and think, "Today I finally get to see Luke Hemmings." I kinda want to impress him, but not too much where he can obviously tell I'm trying to impress him. "Fuck it I'll just braid my hair and straighten it to create some waves, then wear a blue tank top since its getting warmer." I think to myself. For my makeup, I just put on foundation, blush, mascara, and fill in my eyebrows just a little bit. Its 12:00 p.m now, so i go back to Michael's room to see if he woke up yet, and he's still sleeping. I wake him up and make him get ready. By the time he's finished, its 12:15 and the guys are on their way to our house, even though we planned to go somewhere. I actually get very nervous when I see them walk through the door. "Hey Blair." Luke says first. Then Ashton, then Calum. "Hey." I say back to them trying not to sound nervous. I keep seeing Luke sneak glances at me and when he does, I smile and he smiles back knowing I caught him. I think, "What if he likes me?" I secretly hope he does. "Hey Blair, can I have your number maybe?" "Because I think you're actually really pretty." Luke says as he bites his lip, which is like very hot. I then give him my number and smile. He smiles back at me. Then the guys leave, and Luke already starts to text me. "Hey Blair :)" "Hey :)" I text back even though he seriously just left. Our conversation continues for hours as we just talk about ourselves, getting to know each other. Eventually, I find out its 11:06 p.m, so I tell Luke I'm going to bed and he replies with, "Goodnight Blair." with the kiss emoji, which leaves me smiling until I fall asleep. 

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