Please don't go

Blair Clifford falls for her brothers best friend Luke Hemmings and then a tragic event happens.


1. 卌

      I wake up at 10:37 on a February morning and think that my brother Michael is still asleep since he won't get up any earlier than 11:30, but I go to his room and wake him up anyway. "Dammit Blair." Michael says as he groans and sits up against his headboard. I sit next to him and ask him, "So what are we doing today?" He yawns and says, "You're coming with me to hang out with the band." I never actually met any of the guys in 5 Seconds of Summer before since I haven't actually seen Michael since he left with the guys, until recently I decided to drop out of Highschool and move in with him since my only friend moved away. Starting today, I'm just gonna go with him and kinda hang out with the band, maybe watch them practice. "Okay well I'm going to my room to get ready." "Good I can get more sleep." Michael says as he lays back down and turns his back towards me and I let out a quiet laugh. 

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