Star Trek Defiance: Discharged

After being discharged from the service Michael and Chloe Valkyrie along with Arsenal and Carrie try to go on about their lives even as the galaxy is under a threat by a terrorist that looks like Michael only to find out that this Lord Serenity is also after Michael and Chloe and will kill anyone that gets in his way.


9. 9

Arsenal sat and watched from a tree next to where he slept last night as he saw a Predator jumped from another tree across from him and landed on the tree where he previously stayed.  Then another Predator and the leader appeared at the bottom and disengaged their cloaks to reveal themselves as they looked around using their scanners.  Arsenal suddenly jumped from the tree, landed on the ground and disengaged his cloak right before their eyes and made a angry howling sound like the Predators.  The leader pointed at him and made a hissing sound and the Predator in the tree jumped down and pulled out his sword on its right arm while the other had two shorter swords that appeared from his wrists next to their leader and the one that jumped from the tree removed its helmet and made an angry cry before they (except the leader) started to walk around Arsenal with their weapons raised waiting for the right time to strike.


    Picardo heard strange howling and screeching noises coming from the forest and he left the village (when none of the adults were looking) and followed the sounds till he saw Arsenal being circled by two Predators and Picardo hid behind the bushes and watched.  The Predators continue to circle Arsenal and when the sword Predator charge in and slashed his sword Arsenal dodged it and the Predator behind him tried to attack him from behind, but Arsenal spun, grabbed its arm and flipped the Predator on its back.  The other Predator tried stabbing him from behind but Arsenal turned and the Predator missed and Arsenal punched it across the right side of its face.  Then Arsenal jumped over, locked his legs on its body and when he flipped the Predator flipped too and landed on its back.  The other Predator got up and fired a blade at Arsenal but he flipped in the air, caught it and threw it back and hit the Predator on the right shoulder as it howled in pain.  The other Predator came up and tried to stab him again but Arsenal knocked it out of the way with ease and when the Predator tried to slice him Arsenal flipped in the air to avoid it.  The Predator then lunged at Arsenal but he made a roundhouse kick to the Predator’s face.  The other Predator almost brought the sword between Arsenal’s legs till Arsenal caught it with his left hand and it bleed as the Predator tried to push it up and then Arsenal brought his two swords down to the Predator’s face as he screamed but the Predator slid back just to avoid it as they struck the ground behind its head.  When the other Predator got up and tried to behead him Arsenal dodged and punched it in the gut and went around its back and made two gash marks across its back.  The Predator howled in pain and as it turned around it and its comrade charged at Arsenal, but he dodged their charge and hit the left one in the back of the head.  The other Predator turned around and brought its sword down to try to cut Arsenal in half but Arsenal went down and threw the Predator over his back and the other Predator made a swing with its two swords but Arsenal dodged and made a roundhouse kick on its back.  The other one charged and tackled Arsenal to the ground and brought its sword up to decapitate him but Arsenal slammed his left arm to his left leg and the device that shoots saw blades attached to his left forearm and Arsenal brought his arm up and fired three blades where one just made a cut on the right side of its head while the second one cut off its right arm and the third went right through its chest and slumped on top of Arsenal, dead.  Arsenal immediately pushed it off when the other Predator came after him from behind Arsenal threw his left arm up and hit it in the face knocking it to the ground.  Arsenal looked at the device that fired the saw blades and saw it was broken and issuing sparks and he detached it, letting it drop to the ground.  The other Predator got up and was about to swing its sword as it howled till the leader roared and had its hand up.  The Predator backed away as the leader walked between it and Arsenal and the leader slammed his walking stick/spear to the ground before detaching his cape and removed his mask to reveal his scared face.  Then from its back it pulled out a large sword that had markings in its language and the Predator howled at Arsenal and he smiled and said, “It’s about time”.


    Arsenal and the Predator leader walked in a circle till the Predator charged after him as it roared and making the ground shack at every step it took and it drew its sword over its head and brought it downs Arsenal brought his right arm up as the sword struck the two blades on his right forearm as Arsenal raised his left hand for support as the Predator’s sword came closer and closer to his head.  Putting all his strength to his arms he gritted his teeth and push hard and drove the sword up and away as Arsenal jumped up and kicked the leader in the chest knocking it off balance and fell on its back dropping its sword.  Arsenal and the Predator both got up and Arsenal retracted his blades and he and the Predator charged at each other as they both screamed and they repeatedly punched one another sending either red or green blood flying through the air.  They both suddenly pulled out their knives (both large if not about the size of their forearms) and Arsenal roared (making some tree branches shake), “BRING IT!” and the Predator howled and charged at him and they began doing both punching and knife fighting.  Arsenal made a cut on the Predator’s left forearm while the Predator made a stab on Arsenal’s left chest, then Arsenal made a cut along its head above its eyes before the Predator nicked Arsenal’s chin and cut along the top of his left hand.  Arsenal swung and sliced the Predator’s throat only to cut the skin as it stumbled back just in time and Arsenal jumped and kicked it in the chest and it flew back and slammed its back up against a tree before falling on its rear when suddenly Picardo jumped up from behind the tree and both Arsenal, the Predator leader and his subordinate looked at him and Picardo saw the fierce in Arsenal’s eyes when he yelled, “RUN!” and Picardo ran just missing the leader as it swung its knife and struck against the tree.  The leader then jumped up and began chasing Picardo as Arsenal was about to give chase when the other Predator blocked his path and it pulled out its knife as well.


    During this time a dozen police cars and around a half dozen large armored trucks pulled up in front of the police station as police officers and Zhargosia Space Command security men came out.  They boarded the vehicles as the black cars sat in front and a security officer yelled, “Remember!  Michael and Chloe Valkyrie are to be taken alive!  Everyone else you shoot them on site!  These are the orders from Lord Serenity!  If we do not comply he said he will use the Genesis Device on one of the planets in Zhargosia space!” the engines in the vehicles started up and they pulled out of the police parking lot heading towards Ryoko and Tenchi’s home.


    Arsenal and the Predator began knife fighting, swinging their blades in the air either trying to cut or stab one another till Arsenal was about to stab the Predator in the right shoulder but the Predator caught his hand.  In one sudden movement Arsenal’s arm acted against the Predator’s hold and shoved the blade into the Predator’s right shoulder and it howled in pain.  Arsenal ripped his blade out and kicked the Predator in the chest as it fell back and Arsenal gave chase to the Predator leader going after Picardo.  Picardo ran through the wood towards his village jumping and climbing over tree roots and other forest brush as the Predator leader pulled out a device that opened out blades and shot blade after blade at Picardo.  Picardo heard a sound of something flying at him from behind and Picardo ducked just in time as a bladed disk passed over his head and cut some branches before it flew back to the Predator’s waiting hand.  Arsenal jumped and ran at full sprint towards the Predator as fast as he could.  Picardo ran out of the woods and yelled, “HELP!” and the villagers looked up  and went to where Picardo called out where right behind him the Predator leader came charging out and it pulled out the bladed disk again and raised its hand as the Namekians stood back startled when all of a sudden there was a sound of something flying in the air and stabbing something soft as the Predator made a short but loud squeal before falling forward on the ground revealing a knife stuck on its back.  The Predator got up on its elbows and tried to get back up as Picardo and the other children watched in horror as they clung onto the adults.  The Namekians then look behind it as they heard someone approaching from the woods and saw to their shock it was Arsenal, bruised, bloodied and half caked with dirt and mud.  The two swords appeared from Arsenal’s right forearm as he walked towards the Predator as it tried to crawl away faster till Arsenal stepped on one of its legs and when the Predator looked back Arsenal shoved his right forearm and swords into the Predator’s stomach.  The creature howled and spit a fountain of green blood as Arsenal lifted it up and stared into its eyes and made a throat growl while the dying Predator looked back weakly as blood continued to spittle from its mouth and Arsenal dropped it as he pulled out his arm and swords out covered in green blood and watched as the Predator leader withered on the ground and died.


    The Namekians watched in horror as Picardo and Arsenal looked at each other till a rustle was heard from the woods behind Arsenal.  Arsenal quickly turned around and they saw the Predator Arsenal fought before, with the torn shoulder not leaking any more blood as it was branded to stop the bleeding, as it looked at its leader’s body and then at Arsenal.  It then showed its leader’s spear/walking stick and threw it at Arsenal as he caught it and the Predator thumped its chest as it howled while Arsenal merely thumped his without howling and the spear at hand before the Predator walked away and disappeared into the woods.  Arsenal then turned around to the nervous Namekians and walked towards Picardo and placed a hand on his nervous head, all the while the Namekians looked like they were ready for a fight, and Arsenal said, “Brave.” and he stabbed the stick on the ground next to Picardo and Arsenal said, “Yours, if you are ready.” and he turned and walked to the edge of the woods and looked back once more to see Picardo holding the staff and waved at him with a look of pride and Arsenal smirked and waved shyly before disappearing into the woods.


    At Ryoko and Tenchi’s home Carrie lied on her back on the floor of Joey and Ty’s room and using her telekinetic power to hold Joey and Ty above her, making them think they are flying as they stretched their arms and hands out.  They both laughed as Carrie smiled beneath them and she held her hand up as they tried to reach her, all the while they are laughing.  A robotic monotone voice called out, “Michael Valkyrie!” and Carrie suddenly looked worried and distant when suddenly the children fell, but Carrie was able to regain her concentration just in time and grabbed hold of them.  Michael and Chloe quickly got out of bed and they looked out their window and saw four suited men with solid black eyes staring directly at the house.  One of the suited men called out in a monotone voice, “You have five minutes for you and your wife to come out!” Chloe whispered, “What are we going to do?” Michael stared at them longly and said, “T-500s.  Lets find out who sent them.” In the woods Arsenal ran grabbing a mask worn by a Predator, an energy weapon pistol and folded spear in hiding spots in his path and kept running even as he reached the mountains.

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