Star Trek Defiance: Discharged

After being discharged from the service Michael and Chloe Valkyrie along with Arsenal and Carrie try to go on about their lives even as the galaxy is under a threat by a terrorist that looks like Michael only to find out that this Lord Serenity is also after Michael and Chloe and will kill anyone that gets in his way.


7. 7

Michael said, “TY!” Chloe looked at him in a confused expression as she held the baby girl while Michael held the boy and she said, “What?” Michael said, “Ty Valkyrie!  That’s what we shall name our son!” Chloe sighed and said, “Fine, I have no problem with...” the baby boy began to wail and Chloe said, “I think it’s feeding time.”  And Michael gave Ty to her, once she put their daughter they named Joey in her cradle, and she pulled out a milk bottle and began feeding him when they heard a dull explosion in the distance.  Chloe looked up and said, “Did you hear something?” Michael was already looking out the window and scanned in the distance till his visual scanners detected the explosion and revealed that it was a ship from the planet Gamer and Michael made a smirk to hide his worry and said, “No, it must be the garbage men.” And Chloe rolled her shoulders and continued feeding Ty while Michael played with Joey in her crib.


    Arsenal grab a piece of scrap metal from the debris and sharpened it against the rock before putting it in the club to replaced the one that was destroyed.  He also setup more traps and deadfalls for the Predators that he knew were coming and he applied camouflage on himself and sat up in the highest tree and sat there and waited till they arrive.  He only waited till dark when he saw a ship that was three times larger than the last ship and Arsenal jumped from tree to tree till he reached the site as it landed.  When the ramp came down he saw four Predators leaving one by one as they scanned the area.  Arsenal waited what felt like hours till he saw three more coming down the ramp with one in the middle being twice the size of the rest of them covered in markings or tattoos and carrying a large spear that is decorated like a staff.  It looked around as it stood on the ramp as the other two stood by its sides when the one in the middle pressed a few buttons on its left forearm and the ship powered down.  As they walked off two more Predators came out and the ramp closed behind them as Arsenal sat up in the tree and sat there as he watched them make camp for the next few days.  


    In a dark room with a domed roof looking out into space a figure sat in a chair in the middle of the room with a black cape draped over it as the figure (face hidden) looked out into space when a T-800 approached from behind and said, “Sir, we have intercepted a transmission from Mab-Bu.  It is Arsenal provoking the Predators to a fight.” The figure revealed his face to be Lord Serenity and he said, “Then Michael Valkyrie should be on that planet.  Send the information to Zhargosia and send some of Terminators to kill Arsenal and his wife.”  The T-800 said, “What about Michael Valkyrie?” Serenity said, “Bring him and his wife here alive.  Kill everyone else.” The T-800 replied, “Yes Sir”.


    In the Predator’s hunting campsite one Predator with a helmet and armed with a phase rifle moved about in stealth mode as it maintained a perimeter of the campsite scanning in night vision and shifting to body heat back and forth as it scanned.  A line went around his neck from behind and he was hoisted up as he struggled trying to pry the line away only in a matter of seconds his head was ripped off and his body fell back against the tree as his head dropped.  Inside the Predator ship a Predator was working on the controls on the bridge wearing it’s hunting gear as it was securing all bridge systems.  Arsenal was able to sneak on board and he must his right hand on the deck to feel if a Predator was on board and he felt movement.  The Predator was able to secure all bridge systems and as it turned to leave a spear went right through its mid-section and stuck to the deck.  The Predator howled in pain and it just saw a glimpse of Arsenal as he rushed in from the darkness and in one swift move by the blade of his club he beheaded it.  As Arsenal left he grabbed a replacement spear from the armory and as he exited the ship he stopped walking as he felt he was being watched.  He turned around and saw a flash of green eyes and a long blade appeared in midair and it moved fast towards Arsenal and he immediately blocked its arm as it tried to strike Arsenal while still cloaked and at the same time Arsenal kicked it where he believes is the groin and then he quickly pulls out his club and swings it across its head and immediately the cloak flutters as its helmet was knocked off and fell to the ground on its left.  The cloak then disappears and he saw that the left side of the Predator’s face was covered with green blood and it fell on its knees dazed and without hesitation Arsenal swung out the blade and as the dazed Predator looked up he chopped its head off as its body fell back.  Arsenal quickly but quietly ran out of the area and into the jungle where he climbed up the nearest tree and engaged his cloak after putting the rookie Predator’s helmet on and he swung from tree to tree till he knows that he is far from the ship when he heard a loud howling noise from what Arsenal believes is the leader.

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