Star Trek Defiance: Discharged

After being discharged from the service Michael and Chloe Valkyrie along with Arsenal and Carrie try to go on about their lives even as the galaxy is under a threat by a terrorist that looks like Michael only to find out that this Lord Serenity is also after Michael and Chloe and will kill anyone that gets in his way.


2. 2

Chloe began head bobbing and jamming to the song as she just started singing the lyrics when all of a sudden Michael smashed through the roof in the back seat (feet first) with Tenchi in tow as Chloe yelped with shock.  Michael looked and noticed he and Tenchi were in a cop car and he yelled in shock, “What the fuck yo!  Do you call this inconspicuous?”, Chloe said, “Where the fuck did you come from?” Tenchi yelled hysterically (repeatedly), “We jumped ten floors!”, Chloe yelled (over Tenchi’s screaming), “Are you serious?  I got this car so no one will stop us and you pull this shit!”, they then noticed police officer’s storming out of the building towards them and both Michael, Chloe and Tenchi looked in shocked and they both yelled, “OH SHIT!” and Chloe floored it as Michael yelled, “Drive, drive the fucking car!”, and he fired two shots in the air (after he reloaded) as they pulled away making the police hesitant.  The gates at the entrance closed as they approached and Tenchi yelled, “We’re trapped!”, Chloe yelled back, “Hell no!”, and Tenchi screamed as they smashed through the gate while Michael screamed in delight.  Chloe took a radical left turn forgetting she had unlocked the doors earlier and the right side passenger door flew open and Tenchi almost fell out till he grabbed the door frame as he screamed in pure terror.  Michael laughed really hard as he watched Tenchi almost scream like a girl and Chloe yelled back, “Don’t just sit there!  Help your brother-in-law you idiot!”, and Michael grabbed Tenchi and hauled him back in before closing and locking the door.  Tenchi yelled, “You’re both crazy!”, Michael and Chloe looked at him and they both said, “Shut up!”, and Tenchi looked shocked but kept his mouth closed as Chloe turned forward and turned the car down an alley and stopped.  Tenchi said, “Why are we stopping?”, Chloe (as she shed off the police uniform to reveal her Green Comet outfit), “We have to ditch the car stupid.” five police officers showed up covering both ends of the alley and an officer said, “Halt, police!”, they all raised their hands (with Tenchi holding his hands way up) and the officers pinned Michael to the wall as they tried to cuff him as well as Chloe and Tenchi, but when Chloe kicked the officer behind her in the knee and he fell another officer tassed her and Tenchi yelled, “Hey, stop that!”, and he tried to push away but the officer yelled in his ear, “DO YOU WANT TO BE LIKE HER?”, the other officer still kept tassing Chloe and he yelled, “Take that you green bitch!”, and Michael yelled out, “Leave her alone fucker!”, Tenchi was so angry he suddenly slammed the back of his head at the officer’s face before he pulled one of his arms out and elbowed him in the gut and flipped him while at the same time snapped his arm.


    Two officers came after him and Tenchi punched one in face, knocking out a couple of his teeth and made a roundhouse kick on another before the first officer got up and tased Tenchi directly in the chest.  Tenchi quickly ignored the pain and tripped him before planting his foot down on his chest, knocking the air out of him, and the officer that was tassing Chloe pulled out his reloaded taser only for Tenchi to make another roundhouse kick sending the officer, face first, into the dumpster and kicked the top down.  Another officer grabbed Tenchi by his back collar only for Tenchi to slip out of his jacket, turned and kicked the officer squarely in the chest sending him sprawling on his back and groaning in pain.  Tenchi looked back and saw Michael and Chloe were both staring at him and Michael said, “And you said we are crazy.”, Tenchi replied, “I just don’t like bullies.”, Michael eyed him and said, “Just?”, they heard the sound of boots running and Michael, Tenchi and Chloe ran through the unlocked door next to them and went to the roof of one of the buildings and Michael said, “You two go that way, I’ll go this way.”, pointing at opposite directions, “We’ll meet at the hotel we talked about.”, Tenchi looked confused but followed Chloe while Michael, with the bag, jumps from rooftop to rooftop in the opposite direction.  Tenchi and Chloe went from rooftop to rooftop as well but one of the building’s top staircase door’s started to open and Tenchi hit the door with his body slamming the door back and knocking an officer out.  In the meantime Chloe jumped to the next roof and just as the staircase door opened she grabbed the door handle, swung and kicked the officer in the face sending him sprawling backwards and knocking down the others behind him.  When Tenchi caught up they jumped to another roof and as they ran they saw two cops on another roof in front of them and Tenchi and Chloe jumped to the roof where the cops are and simultaneously punched both of them in the face a they landed.


    As Michael ran cops appeared on the rooftop son other buildings and started shooting at him.  Michael pulled out his phaser and started shooting to this right as he ran looking away as a greenery house to this right was getting shot up, spraying glass everywhere and Michael made blind shots forcing them to take cover.  He then saw one roof was a little too far and Michael turned, jumped and shot at all four cops that were shooting at him before Michael fell straight into a large dumpster on his back and the trash lid closed.  Michael sat back inside the garbage can and waited for what felt like hours till he’s sure they stopped looking and when he looked around he noticed the cost was clear, exited the trash can and ran to the street to hail a cab.  During the trip and entering the hotel he eyed around and was relieved no one had take notice of who he is and when he stood in front of the door of the room he was about to knock till the door suddenly threw open and Michael was yanked inside by the collar by Chloe before the door was slammed shut.  Before he could say anything Chloe said, “Is that what I think it is?”, Michael looked down and pulled out a portable beaming device and said, “Yea, and it is worth it.”, Tenchi said, “Why do we need that?”, Michael replied, “You’ll find out once we get to Mab-Bu.”, Tenchi said, “Wait a minute, you mean...”, Michael nodded and said, “Yep, I need to see Arsenal to get something.”.  


    They were able to obtain a transport on one of the Daedalus starships with Michael wearing a fake holographic face and finger prints as he noticed a wanted poster with his real face and name on it and once they were beamed down to Mab-Bu they stood on the waiting cab path and took one of the cabs and drove to Tenchi’s home in the middle of the woods.  After the cab dropped them off Ryogo came out of the house running and yelled, “Michael!”, Michael yelled back, “Ryoko!”, and she jumped into Michael’s arms and wrapped her legs around him and gave him a hug and kiss and she said, “It’s been a long time bro!”, Michael laughed and said, “Likewise sis!”, and she showed them inside and pulled the sliding door open to reveal Arsenal and Carrie sitting at the floor table waiting to eat and Chloe yelled out in excitement, “Carrie!”, and she went to Carrie’s side and gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek as Carrie smiled.  Ryoko said, “We are about to eat so sit and eat up!”.  After they ate Ryoko showed Michael and Chloe their room and Ryoko said, “Do you like it?”, Michael replied, “It’s livable.” Ryoko said, “Good or else you’re sleeping outside like tramps,," and they both laughed as Chloe looked on with a little confusion.  Michael said, “Do you have a place for training?”, Ryoko said, “Are you kidding? We do, everywhere!” Chloe made a dumb expression and Ryoko laughed and said, “Just kidding!  There’s two places.  One in the front before you reach the house in the fields near the pond and walkway and another in a room adjacent to the temple,," Michael said, “did you train Tenchi how to fight?  Last time I heard you say he was an amateur.”, Tenchi came out from his room and said, “Is that what you told him?”, Ryoko laughed and said, “Sorry Tenchi, but even though you are good with a sword your martial arts skills were not even close to mine.”, Tenchi looked wounded and he walked away till Chloe patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry Tenchi, you did a good job taking out five police officers that were hurting us.”, Ryoko looked impressed and said, “That’s my husband all right, and yes I did train him.”, Chloe said, “Well I have to admit he was impressive.”, Ryoko said, “That’s what you get for living with two brothers and pain in the ass parents.”, Michael said, “You learned from the best sis.  I hope Tenchi won’t mind if he hung with us a little longer when we go.”, Ryoko said, “When will that be?”, Michael said, “Mmmmm, I think two weeks sounds about right.”, Ryoko said, “I think he will then, but he’ll do better if you taught him how to fight as well.”, Michael smiled and said, “Maybe not, but Chloe can.”, and all three of them laughed.  Michael said, “How’s everything going with Arsenal and Carrie?”, Ryoko said, “Arsenal is fine, but Carrie is still dreading what she did in the past, but Arsenal is taking care of her." Michael said, “Good”.

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