Star Trek Defiance: Discharged

After being discharged from the service Michael and Chloe Valkyrie along with Arsenal and Carrie try to go on about their lives even as the galaxy is under a threat by a terrorist that looks like Michael only to find out that this Lord Serenity is also after Michael and Chloe and will kill anyone that gets in his way.


1. 1

Lord Serenity dropped his sword and the tip struck the metal deck creating an energy blast from the center of the U shaped ship sending a red ball of light at the orbital complex and the people aboard just barely have time to scream when it hit the main body of the station and exploded.  Lord Serenity’s ship moved right in front of The Little Doctor and the machines beamed over and with little effort the engines came online.  On his ship Lord Serenity said, “Engage tractor beam and warp engines." Once the tractor beam engaged on The Little Doctor both ships and the B’rel went to warp leaving behind a wreckage and bodies floating where the orbital complex, Alpha Station and the dry dock once stood.  


    On Zhargosia Michael and Chloe witnessed the destruction and Lord Serenity’s message and they both looked shocked and Chloe said, “Please tell me you still have a plan.”, Michael replied, “Yeah, but at this point you are not going to like it.”, he looked at her and they moved close together down the stairs and Michael said, “Find an inconspicuous form of transportation and wait in front of Police Headquarters.  Do you still have your outfit?” Chloe stared at him and said, “You know I do.” and Michael replied, “Good, because you are going to need it.”, they both went their separate ways after Michael tells her to arrive in three hours and just as Michael turned a corner he ran into Tenchi and Michael looked surprised and said, “Tenchi, what are you doing here?”, Tenchi replied, “Just came to find you and say that they are safe.  Although I feel sorry for them that for now they have to deal with Ryoko on their own.” He was surprise when Michael grabbed him by the shoulders and yelled with excitement, “WHAT?  My sister is alive?” Tenchi looked at him both shocked and puzzled and said, “Yes!  I wished her back with the dragon balls.  Didn’t you know?” Michael replied (still excited), “No!  A lot has happened that wishing her back with the dragon balls did not cross my mind.  Boy would she be glad to see Gabriel and...” he then looked like he forgot something and then he remembered and said, ‘OH!  Since you’re are here I need your help with something!” Tenchi said, “Sure, what is it?” Michael then wrapped his right arm over Tenchi’s shoulders as they walked away and whispered to Tenchi.  Tenchi looked up in shock and yelled, “ARE YOU CRAZ...,” Michael said, “Shhhh!  Don’t worry, it’s going to be a walk in the park.” 


    A squad car paralleled park right in front of Police Headquarters and in the driver’s seat (changed into a police uniform) sat Chloe and she changed the dial on the radio till she found a channel that played “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey.  Tenchi waited at the information desk on the 10th floor and as he waited he noticed a girl behind the desk making occasional glances at him.  He smiled at her and she blushed and just when he was about to speak to her an alarm goes off and Tenchi looked alarm and said to himself, “Oh no.” and looked at one of the secured doors with a key pad in front when all of a sudden Michael bursted out with a rounded case and waving a handgun around and yelling hysterically, “Get back!  I got a gun!  I’m crazy!” and he grabbed Tenchi as Tenchi yelled, “Have you lost your mind!”, and he used Tenchi as if he was a hostage as police officers nearby started pulling out either tasers or guns and Michael whispered, “Run”, before he yelled out, “I’m crazy, I got a gun you nutcrackers!” and he shoved Tenchi away as he continued to wave his gun around and they both started running down the building passing cubicles as Tenchi yelled, “Michael are you crazy!  What the hell happened?” Michael replied, “I though I still have security clearance but they’re changed it a lot earlier than I thought!”, Tenchi then yelled, “Great plan!  Now how are we going to get out of this mess?”, and Michael yelled, “Get to the fucking staircase!” and when they reached the corner where the stairs are they both yelled, “OH!” as they saw two dozen police officers in the middle of gearing up and Michael yelled, “THAT WAY!”, and they both ran just before an officer fired two phaser rounds that struck the corner where Michael and Tenchi ran past.  As they continued running, but low as officers behind them started firing phasers, Tenchi slowed down as he saw the large glass windows facing the outside and Michael grabbed hold of his back collar and dragged him forward and Tenchi yelled, “I HATE THIS!” Michael tried to keep from laughing as he yelled back, “I know you do!” and Michael emptied his handgun at the window causing it to crack to the point that it might break as Michael dragged Tenchi behind as he smashed through the window and they both fell screaming (Tenchi in terror while Michael in delight).

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