Crazy love

This story is about An average girl named melody and a crazy boy named Harry styles


2. The boys

Harry's pov

Today's the day I go to England to visit my mum. I haven't seen her in forever! I really have missed her. The boys are coming with me as well. " I'm hungry" nial says. Ah that little blonde hair beast. " You just ate 10 minutes ago!!" I say laughing. " WELL I WANT MORE" he shouts. Then he jumped on poor Liam who was eating cookies peacefully. "GIVE ME DE COOKIES"!!!! nial says. " NEVER" Liam shouts back. They start throwing cookies at each other. "Guys guys stop your gonna mess up my carpet" Louis says. " but, B-but LOIUSssssssss!!!" Nial says in a baby voice " I'm hungry"!!! "Zayn will make you some food" Louis says smirking. " wait what?" Zayn says. "I can't cook!". "Peas zayn" nial says with puppy eyes. " fine" zayn says looking defeted. So yep. A normal day with the boys.

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