Star Trek Defiance

The crew of the USS Challenger's leave was interrupted to lead the transportation of a very important cargo that is highly sensitive to both Zhargosia and the Federation till unexpected turn of events will change the lives of Michael Valkyrie and the rest of the Challenger crew as well as the entire Federation and the Republic of Zhargosia.


8. 8

The door slid open to a cabin and Ender entered, looking exhausted, as Petra was already laying back in bed (still wearing her uniform except her boots) and he sat beside her and held her right hand and said, “How are you?”, Petra replied, “Okay, considering I stared death directly in the face.  I heard about you and Julius in the hanger bay.”, Ender said, “Yeah, it was like fighting Peter.  I don’t think there is any way we can bring him back.  He is obsessed with power and he believes if he kills both of us, he and Peter would both be the most powerful people in the quadrant.”, Petra said, “Don’t worry, I’m sure Michael is considering hunting down both Khan and Julius as his top priority.  Also the Federation and Zhargosia will have to assign us to hunt them since they have the Genesis Device.”, Ender replied, “I hope it won’t be too late.  That device has enough power to destroy an entire planet, and knowing Julius and Khan, I’m sure they intend on using it on a highly populated planet to start a world of their own.”, Petra removed her hand from his grasp and lightly grasped his arm and said, “Come to bed Ender, you need rest.”, he looked at her and saw her exhausted face and he slipped off his boots and laid next to her (still in his uniform) as they both embraced each other and fell asleep.  Michael left his chair and said, “You have the bridge commander.  I’ll be in my quarters.”, Gross replied, “Aye sir.”, and Michael and Chloe entered the turbo lift and the entire trip down none of them said a word even as they left the turbo lift till they entered their quarters and they started changing when Chloe said, “Honey, I’m grateful for you not killing my sister.”, Michael replied, “Your sister is not out of the woods yet, I’m sure once we reach home Zhargosia Command will see the footage and reports and no doubt she will be arrested.”, Chloe said, “Is there anything you can do?”, Michael laid back in bed in his night clothes and said, “Not until we get back.”, he rubbed his eyes as Chloe laid next to him in her night gown and embraced him.  Michael then looks over and puts his hand to her right cheek as he kissed her and said, “Even when you are exhausted, you still look beautiful.”, Chloe giggled and said, “You’re such a romantic.”, and they began kissing each other passionately as they embraced and Chloe rolled over on top of him as they continued to make love.


    There was a beeping noise and Michael sighed before being able to get out of bed and he slumped behind his desk and pressed a button on the computer and he said (tiredly), “What?”, Jen appeared (unfazed by his exhausted expression) and said, “Sir I have an Admiral Kane on the line.”, Michael woke up with a start and quickly hand combed his hair and ran away from his console as Jen looked confused and said, “Are you all right sir?”, there was a loud clatter and Michael cursed himself and said, “Yeah just a second!”, and he slumped back in his chair with only the top of his uniform on and he breathed heavily and said, “Patch him through!”, Jen shook her head and looked both dismayed and confused and said, “Yes sir.”, and the screen changed to show a face of an older male Centurion and Michael said, “Admiral Kane, I know you are very busy but I need to know what our orders...”, Kane angrily replied, “Here’s what you need to know “Captain”, you will bring back Carrie Valkyrie so she will answer for the massacre she inflected within your ship to Zhargosia Command where you will be further updated as your ship is being repaired!”, Michael was taken aback and he sat straight up and alert as Kane continued, “Plus, if you didn’t know already, the leader and the council of the Garidian Republic have been assassinated by someone that appears to be you as you were transported in the middle of a meeting and shot them all before you were transported away!”, Michael looked both shocked and dismayed and said, “Sir, I assure you I wasn’t there nor would commit such an act!”, Kane replied, “We know captain but it is even more puzzled when our investigation team tried to analyze the voice who was speaking in the broadcast and concluded it is yours.”, silence and Kane continued, “Anyway since you or whoever that was killed the entire council of Garidian, the newly appointed leader and council have declared a state of emergency and are now part of the Romulan Star Empire!”, Michael stammered and said, “But....sir, that would mean....”, Kane interjected, “The Romulan Star Empire is now twice its size and the same goes for their firepower, if not three times more powerful, and possess more starships that are even as equally powerful as the Federation’s!  You have your orders captain and I suggest you follow them or you will be in the same boat as Carrie, Admiral Kane out!”, once the screen turned off Michael still looked stunned when Chloe said (from behind), “What’s going on?  Did he say anything about my sister?”, Michael turned to her to see she was already dressed and she looked worried when she saw his concerned expression when he said, “Honey, I believe there is only one option left for Carrie other than to face trail and no doubt be executed.”, and Chloe said, “What is that?”, Michael replied, “Exile.”, silence until Chloe finally spoke, “You can’t be serious.  Where would she go?”, Michael replied, “My sister’s boyfriend, Tenchi, can help.  He has dealt with this sort of thing before with Ryoko and I’m sure he won’t mind if Carrie stayed with him for a while.”, Chloe said, “But Carrie is not like your sister!”, Michael replied, “I know, but I’m sure Arsenal would accompany her so Tenchi would not have to deal with her by himself if something goes wrong.  I’m sorry Chloe but it’s the only way.”, Chloe sighed and said, “Okay, but she will be safe and we will still be able to see her right?”, Michael replied, “Honey, you have my word.  She will be safe and we will still see her.”, Michael put on the rest of his uniform as Chloe said, “Why are you getting dressed?  It’s early for you to go up.”, Michael replied, “I’m already awake, thanks to the admiral, and I’m already half dressed.  Might as well finish and report to the bridge.”, he left his quarters as Chloe flopped back down on the bed, grunting with frustration.  


    The turbo lift doors opened as Michael rubbed the back of his neck and stumbled in surprise as Arsenal was standing in it.  Michael yelped, “Jeez Arsenal!  You scared the crap out of me!”, Arsenal rolled his shoulders and grunted with a “oh well” expression and Michael stepped in.  Michael pressed a button and said, “Bridge”, the turbo lift started to move when all of a sudden Michael said, “Stop turbo lift.”, and it stopped and Michael turned to face Arsenal as he gave Michael a confused look.  Michael said, “I’m just going to tell you straight up.  Command has not revealed what they plan to do with Carrie till we dock, but it is obvious she is going to be put on trial once we get home.”, silence as Arsenal kept his confused expression and Michael continued, “You know what that means to Carrie.”, Arsenal frowned and made a low but scary growl as Michael held his ground but gulped and said, “I have another plan.”.

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