Star Trek Defiance

The crew of the USS Challenger's leave was interrupted to lead the transportation of a very important cargo that is highly sensitive to both Zhargosia and the Federation till unexpected turn of events will change the lives of Michael Valkyrie and the rest of the Challenger crew as well as the entire Federation and the Republic of Zhargosia.


6. 6

The Challenger sat adrift in space as the Enterprise approached while on the Challenger’s bridge the red alert lights went off as crews continued to work around the bridge and repair damage when Michael pressed a button on his arm rest and said, “Arsenal, when will we have warp power?”, Arsenal replied, “Need dry dock.  Not enough man power.”, Michael said, “The Enterprise is sending repair crews and a handful of engineers as well as the approaching starships.  Will that be enough?”, Arsenal replied, “Yes sir.”, Jen said, “Sir, the Titus and the Olympian have arrived.”, Michael said, “Advise them of our situation and prepare transporter room to beam the repair crews aboard.”, Jen said, “Yes sir.  Sickbay reports that Carrie’s wounds are healed and asks what do you want to do with her.”, Chloe intervenes and says, “Michael she is not bad!  I know she isn’t!”, Michael said, “Tell them to keep her sedated and transport her to one of the isolation chambers till further notice.  Have security to have two personnel to watch her at all times.”, Jen replied, “Aye sir.”, Michael said, “Commander Gross damage report.”, Gross said, “Besides warp drive being inoperable we have 20% shields and multiple hull breaches from decks 10 to 25 as well as our phaser power is exhausted.  The VerKa is also heavily damaged and Andrew Wiggin reports the rocket boosters are inoperable.”, Jen cuts in and says, “Sir there is a message being broadcast in all channels, and it is not from the Federation!”, Michael asked, “Audio or visual?”, Jen replied, “Audio only sir.”, Michael said, “Play it.”, a shrill male voice spoke, “Citizens of the United Federation of Planets and Zhargosia.  You all have enjoyed a life of peace and prosperity and have reaped the benefits of your accomplishments.  For the people you consider criminals you lock them up in large prison facilities that range from ordinary prisons to entire planets and even space stations where they will rot as you forget them.  You all forgot that every once in a while the past may come back to haunt you and all those that were once your allies but you turn your back on them will come back for vengeance.  In every progress of society they each go through a period of chaos and whoever survives becomes the most dominate people in that society and establishes a new way of life.  Look at your video monitors.”, the view screen suddenly changed to the moon of Verix II and Michael yelled, “What the hell is going on?”, Jen replied as she scrambled on her controls, “I’m sorry sir, whoever it is has control of both visual and audio channels!”, Michael yelled, “Track his signal!”, Jen replied, “I’m trying sir!”, the audio voice said, “This is the moon of Verix II where one quarter of their military ships are stationed as well as most of their nuclear weapons.  The Roxxan oil company once fueled these ships with their own space polymer oil so their ships can travel.  Then some of the employees were pursuing their own personal agendas and because of them SHIELD and the Federation condemned the company as traitors and almost brought them to bankruptcy.  What no one realizes is that the ships carrying the nuclear weapons (or should I say waiting) still have that same unused fuel.  Now what does Roxxan have to say about this?”, at this time the ships he is referring are either being resupplied or waiting for departure in the hangers as military personnel continued their daily duties till all of a sudden the ships exploded.  The explosions ripped apart the hangers and blew down where the warheads were stored as the bridge crew of the Challenger watched flashes of light on one corner of the moon when all of a sudden there is a flash of light the covered the main viewer and Michael and the rest of the crew covered their eyes till it dissipated and saw only one-third of the moon remained while surrounded by debris that is so thick that they can barely see the remains of the moon.


    The crew watched in shock and horror while Michael gasped, “Oh my god.”, the voice said, “Now for Yaraka.”, the view screen changed to another planet and the voice said, “Anaheim Industries was suspected of double dealing with various governments and organizations and were labeled as warmongers and their businesses beyond their solar system were shut down and absorbed by the Federation while on Yaraka there are some ships selected bases that are still run on the moon that use that system including the asteroid field where miners are mining resources important to the inhabitants of the system and trade.  What happens if all those systems simply turned off and never come back on while in the middle of operations?”, on Yaraka a young couple are enjoying an afternoon stroll in the park as a group of children played ball on their left when suddenly the man that was holding the girl’s hand stopped and kissed her and said, “Babe, there is something I want to tell you.”, the girl looked at him dreamy as she smiled and said, “Yes?”, and he was about to go on his knees when suddenly a large object slammed into the water sending a wave that fell on them and soaked the couple.  They looked at each other shocked before they turned to see a mobile suit that began sinking and everyone in the park began making their way to the railing of the bay front.  They stopped when another mobile suit smashed into an apartment behind them and everyone stopped as they all looked either confused or scared when suddenly two more fell and struck at various parts of the park and the people looked up to see all the mobile suits (either in transient or moving large containers or other equipment) falling and everyone began running and screaming as the mobile suits came crashing down either on land on in the water.  On the Challenger they watched as mobile suits in various parts of the Federation (that were run by Anaheim) shut down and fell on the ground or smashed into various structures causing some explosions and mobile suits that are in space simply floated or exploded when they collided into other suits or ships.  Jen said, “Sir I’m getting a lot of SOS signals on the moon of Yaraka and ships requesting aid to retrieve their pilots that are not responding!”, Michael said (as he continued to look at the screen in shock), “What about the miners in the asteroid field?”, Jen pressed various controls on her console till she looked back in amazement and said, “Sir, I’m receiving no signal of any kind in the mining facilities!”, Michael replied in horror, “Good god.”, and Chloe grabbed Michael’s shoulders as she looks on scared and horrified.  The voice said, “Vaytan 1.”, the screen cleared to show another planet as the voice continued, “Where the Eva’s are a little more alive than any average mobile suit.  When Gendo Ikari was in charge of NERV there were safeguards installed so they would not go berserk.  What happens when those safeguards simply malfunctioned?”, Petra called out, “Sir I’m detecting multiple explosions in and surrounding NERV command!”, Jen said, “Confirmed sir!  I’m also receiving a distress call from NERV requesting immediate assistance!”, Michael turned to Gross with a concern look and said, “Any movement along the Neutral Zone?”, Gross was about to reply when the voice in the intercom said, “Seems like the Romans and Klingons are a little curious as to what is going on.”, Jen said, “Sir I’m receiving reports from outposts along the Neutral Zone of increased activity in both Romulan and Klingon space!  They also report that even their battlecruisers are approaching the border!”, the voice said, “Ka’Tula, where the people live by solar energy as they spent all of their fossil fuel sources in the past.  What happens if they lost that power especially the space stations and mining facilities that run on solar energy?”, the view screen changed to the planet Ka’Tula and the crew watched in horror (as some gasped) as they saw every odd number of solar panels on the ring surrounding the planet explode.  They also watched as the control station to the Orbital Elevator trains exploded and one train (that is in the process of embarking/debarking passengers) suddenly began falling as some passengers had their limbs sliced clean off as they were boarding or leaving the train and as it fell people screamed inside all the way down.  The screen changed to the station on the surface where the bridge crew heard a roller coaster like sound as pedestrians at the station looked around in wonder till there was some screaming and before the people could run there was a loud crashing sound and dirty smoke bellowed out from all the entrances of the station.

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