Star Trek Defiance

The crew of the USS Challenger's leave was interrupted to lead the transportation of a very important cargo that is highly sensitive to both Zhargosia and the Federation till unexpected turn of events will change the lives of Michael Valkyrie and the rest of the Challenger crew as well as the entire Federation and the Republic of Zhargosia.


14. 14

Along planet Myzran’s orbit a space dry dock was holding the I.F. Transport with construction and transport shuttles moving about and nearby the dry dock is the orbital complex station and behind them is a four saucer section Alpha Station that holds the defense fighters.  Inside the orbital complex a crewman behind his station pressed a button and said, “Cutting Units 2 and 3, have you been able to cut open that unknown container on the forward starboard side yet?”, a voice said, “We’re just about to cut it open sir.”, on the console next to the crewman a radar screen showed a single blip and the radar operator said, “Sir?”, a commander came up behind him and said, “What?”, the blip then disappeared and the operator looked baffled and said, “I guess nothing sir, I thought I detected a ship that was close to us.”, behind both the Alpha Station and the orbital complex a B’rel decloaked already with its weapons drawn and blasted the Alpha Station with both its blasters and torpedo launcher till it was a heap of wreckage and half the station exploded to pieces as the fighters remained in their docks.  During the surprise attack people tried to communicate to the surface but all communication and transported systems were inoperable and the people in the orbital complex and dry dock watched in horror as the Alpha Station was blown apart.  The B’rel commander sat in the darkness in his command chair as he watched the destruction and said, “Alpha Station is destroyed Lord Serenity.”, another ship appeared, coming out from the dark side of the planet and the large U shaped ship stopped behind both the orbital complex and the B’rel.  Beneath the glass dome on top and in the middle of the ship a figure stood with a black cloak and black gloved hands resting his sword that is in front of him with the entire blade completely black and he said, “Good.”, he lifted his sword up a little and brought it back down with an echoing metal bang sound and a green energy beam fired from the center of the ship and it hit the top middle of the dry dock and it exploded and caused the dry dock to peel in two sending shuttles and people in spacesuits flying everywhere or out into deep space.  A T-500 behind a console along the starboard side wall of the dome said, “Master, we are being hailed by the orbital complex.”, the figure said, “Patch them through and broadcast it on all channels and frequencies so both Zhargosia and the Federation will hear and see.”, the T-500 replied, “Yes master.”.  The commander in the orbital complex pressed a button on the communications officer’s console and yelled, “This is Command Vosh of Orbital Complex 2!  Cease Fire, we are unarmed!  Do what you must to the transport ship but let us go!”, all the screens in the complex and throughout the worlds of Zhargosia and the Federation were hacked to show the face of what looked like Michael Valkyrie, as he stood with sword still in front of him, and he said, “This is Lord Michael Serenity.”, everyone is transfixed to the large view screens in the cities or their own television sets when he spoke as well as Michael and Chloe as they looked at the billboard size screen on a skyscraper (as they waited for a shuttle).  Lord Serenity continued, “I have now obtained the Molecular Detachment Device, or what the people call in the International Fleet, The Little Doctor.  With this ship I have the power to either destroy a planet or a large fleet of ships.  You will not resist me for if you shall then I will destroy a planet of my own choosing to repay for what you have done.  From now on your leaders in both Zhargosia and the United Federation of Planets will do as I say for if they won’t or try to resist me then there will be consequences.  So let it be written, so let it be done.”, and he dropped the tip of his sword down again and the screens changed to show the orbital complex as it exploded making many people either shocked or cried out.

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