Star Trek Defiance

The crew of the USS Challenger's leave was interrupted to lead the transportation of a very important cargo that is highly sensitive to both Zhargosia and the Federation till unexpected turn of events will change the lives of Michael Valkyrie and the rest of the Challenger crew as well as the entire Federation and the Republic of Zhargosia.


13. 13

The turbo lift doors opened and they were on the bridge that has a sold surface metal floor with the command chair in the middle, two separate consoles in the front and six stations on each side of the bridge all connected leaving the back with the single turbo lift and alert status at the back and the main view screen in the front separating the two sides.  Joachim said, “No offense but this bridge looks a little bland.”, Nikolai gave him a look and elbowed him as Joachim gave him a “what” expression and Mitchell said, “Even though this may seem like an Excelsior class starship on the outside, this is the first starship in its class built to meet a specific captain’s abilities.  In this case, Captain Ender Wiggin.”, Ender looked a little flustered and said, “I’m flattered Gary, but what is so important about my command station that is specifically made for me?”, Mitchell replied, “Sorry sir, its better to show you.”, the then went to the command chair and pressed a couple of buttons and from the floor and ceiling a rail and see-through display screens emerged right in front of the command chair and Ender looked in awe, smiled and said, “Woo, this looks cool!”, Mitchell said, “We got this from the designs of the I.F. transport that they used on the bridge.  These displays will show you anything from damage reports, routes you want the ship to take, display other ships and other objects or landmarks in space around you and...”, Ender said, “I think I am aware of the workings of these displays.”, Mitchell held his hands out as he made a small bow, smiled and said, “Yes sir.”, Ender touched a display button that is labeled for ship’s status and all the primary ship functions are displayed and Ender touched the same button and it decreased back to its previous display (like a folder) and the same to turn on the location of the ship, space dock and other ships nearby and their routes.  Petra looked at the arm rests and said, “What’s with the arm rests?”, Mitchell replied, “They are modified for safety when you go to trans-warp and keep you in your seats so you don’t look like you are trying to learn how to fly the hard way.”, Ender said, “That’s comforting to know.”, the communications officer said, “Sir, command wants to know if we are ready to depart.”, Ender looked at Mitchell and Mitchell said, “It’s your ship now captain.  You were the last to come aboard.”, Ender said, “Excellent, report to your station Lt. Commander.”, and Mitchell manned navigation and weapons.


    Ender looked at his friends and Petra and they all smiled when he said, “Lets do what we do best.  Stations.”, and they all snapped to attention and they went to their stations as Nikolai entered the turbo lift.  Ender sat in his chair and retracted the command displays and pressed a button on his arm rest that made a whistle through the intercom and Ender said, “Attention crew of the Endeavour, prepare to leave Spacedock!”, after a few moments Petra said, “Sir, all hands report ready and Spacedock is waiting for your command to depart.”, Ender smirked and said, “Tell them we’re ready commander.”, the Spacedock doors opened and lights lit a path for the Endeavour to follow and Ender said, “Helm, take us out.”, and the Endeavour moved out from its dock and followed the pash as its blue hull glistened to the lighted path even as it passed through the space doors into space and away from Zhargosia.  In Ender’s new quarters the Formic Queen Egg (which is buried beneath around a cushion of towels in one of Ender’s bags) made a soothing hum sound and Ender heard a small whispering sound in his mind and he smiled and said in his head, “I know, I will fulfill my promise to you.”, the helmsman said, “Heading sir?”, Ender leaned forward and said, “Anywhere unknown.”, and he leaned back and said, “Engage Trans-warp drive!”, and everyone (including Ender) pulled down their armrests and the USS Endeavour went to trans-warp and made a blue and pink streak in its path.

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