Star Trek Defiance

The crew of the USS Challenger's leave was interrupted to lead the transportation of a very important cargo that is highly sensitive to both Zhargosia and the Federation till unexpected turn of events will change the lives of Michael Valkyrie and the rest of the Challenger crew as well as the entire Federation and the Republic of Zhargosia.


12. 12

They entered the same shuttle platform they arrived in and they all started saying their goodbyes.  Ender turned to Michael and said, “This is the first time I would command my own ship.  How am I supposed to be like you?”, Michael put his hand on his shoulder and said, “You don’t have to be like me.  Think of it as a smaller version of what you went through when you attacked the Formic homeworld.  It should be a heck of a lot easier.”, Gabriel came up to him and said, “It’s been a while since I had my own command.  Will you be all right?”, Michael replied, “Oh yeah.  Me, my wife, alone, it’s going to be a blast!”, and he embraced Gabriel with a little enthusiasm as Gabriel just smirked and after they said their goodbyes Gabriel and Jen left in one shuttle while Ender and Petra left in another and after they made their final wave Chloe said, “I don’t plan on sitting around.”, and Michael replied, “Then you are going to love what I have planned.”, and she looked at him with a curious expression as he smiled at himself.


    The type 10 shuttle Gabriel and Jen were on flew into space and rendezvous with the USS David Coben (Kelvin class) and landed in the shuttle bay dropping Jen and Gabriel off before it flew away.  Jen looked around and looked disgusted and said, “Looks like we are dropped in a flying factory.”, Gabriel replied, “This is one of the Federation’s early starships so you can’t blame them.  After all, at least they are more concern of making sure the ship flies and operates functionally rather than be a flying comforter.”, Jen said, “In any case I don’t like working with a large group of people, let alone an entire ship.” Gabriel said, “I will handle that part.  You on the other hand just fill in for me when I am not around on the bridge or go on away missions where you only have to worry about no more than six crewmen.”, a crewman in a yellow starfleet uniform walked up and said, “If you would follow me sir, ma’m, I’ll show you to your quarters.”, as they followed her Jen said, “I don’t know about you but the first thing I’m going to do is sleep.”, Gabriel smirked and said, “Why don’t you join me?”, and Jen glared at him as Gabriel gave a small smirk and when they entered Gabriel’s quarters the crewman said, “Commander Law your...”, Jen pressed the button next to the door and it closed on the crew member and locked before Jen suddenly jumped on Gabriel knocking him back on the bed as she began kissing him repeatedly.  


    A Spacedock shuttle flew towards Spacedock and entered through a shuttle highway tunnel before entering the Spacedock and the shuttle passed an Oberth class starship as it headed deeper inside.  Nikolai stood next to Michael in his red uniform with the new Lt. Commander rank shinning on his uniform and said, “We’ll no doubt get a frigate.  After what Khan and Julius pulled I’m sure high command won’t trust us to serve on one of their top of the line ships.”, Joachim flexed his arms and looked at his red uniform curiously and said, “I doubt that.  After what’s going on now they are going to need all the help they can get.”, Petra said, “Joachim is right.  They can’t just discard us with what we can do that could benefit them.”, Ender said, “It doesn’t matter to me, a ship is a ship.”, Nikolai sighed and said, “Whatever you say Ender, it will be done.”, their shuttle followed another Spacedock shuttle as it flew towards the USS Challenger and Petra held Ender’s arm, as they all held their breath, and when the shuttle in front of them flew to the left away from the Challenger, as they flew over the saucer section, and on the other side they saw an Excelsior class starship that was docked earlier and on the side of the ship it read: USS Endeavour NX-5000.  Ender said, “My friends, we’re home.”, and he smirked as Petra and the others smiled.  The shuttle flew behind the Endeavour and landed in the shuttle bay as shuttles were being loaded up into their docks and when the side door opened a starfleet officer in a yellow uniform stood outside as they disembarked and he said, “Commander Gary Mitchell Captain Wiggin, and welcome to the USS Endeavour sir!”, Ender shook his hand and said, “Thank You Mitchell, would you mind showing us to the bridge?”, Mitchell replied (with a little excitement), “Yes sir!  I am here to show you around the ship anyway so you and your senior staff will be familiar and know the inner workings of the ship like I am!”, Ender said, “If you are part of Starfleet why are you assigned to the Endeavour?”, Mitchell replied, “This ship is actually the first ship built by both Zhargosia and Starfleet and they assigned me to help oversee the construction and make sure some of the vital systems provided by the Federation are fully functional before we depart!”, Petra said, “Why is it a joint effort?”, Gary Mitchell replied, Because the Federation is able to provide all the basic functions of a starship that could work or adapt to the more advanced systems that are designed specifically to this ship.”, Mitchell took them to the engine room and showed them the warp core and computer systems and said, “What’s unique about the warp engines on this ship is the Trans-warp Drive.”, Nikolai said, “What’s so special about that?”, Mitchell replied, “Two things.  Changing speed from lower to higher warp is twice faster than any average starship and while the maximum warp on the Challenger is warp 7, the Endeavour is built to go to warp 9!”, Ender and the others looked surprised as Nikolai replied, “Man I definitely would love working here!”, Mitchell said, “There is a Chief Engineer spot available if you are qualified.”, Ender said, “Then I guess Nikolai would not have a problem with that, when you bring him up to speed.”, Mitchell grinned and said, “Good!  Then once we are finished I’ll introduce you to you’re engineering team and they’ll give you the breakdown of the workings of the ship and Trans-warp drive.”, they proceeded to the turbo lift where they went up a few decks and Mitchell took them to a room that to the left and right side (making only one path to the far wall where a computer monitor sat) are large computer banks with an exception of large bank covering about half the left side is filled with buttons that had labels above each one and Mitchell said, “Since this ship is not equipped to hold a gundam or half the Iron suits that the Challenger carries, this system calculates and follows orders that Mr. Wiggin gives to the Iron suits, phasers and maneuvering to your display monitors.”, Ender said, “You don’t have to call me Mr. Wiggin, it’s just Ender.  What do you mean display monitors?”, Mitchell looked like he tried to keep himself from laughing and he said, “I’ll show you sir.”, they left the computer room as Petra said, “What about helm and weapons?”, Mitchell said, “During normal operations or in case of an emergency they will perform there duties without the computer system Ender will operate.”, Ender replied, “At least the computer is not running the entire ship by itself.”, Mitchell said, “Yes but Dr. Daystrum is developing the ultimate computer that could practically run a starship.”, Petra huffed with amusement and said, “Good luck with that.”, they entered the nearest turbo lift when Mitchell said, “Bridge”, and the doors closed.

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