Star Trek Defiance

The crew of the USS Challenger's leave was interrupted to lead the transportation of a very important cargo that is highly sensitive to both Zhargosia and the Federation till unexpected turn of events will change the lives of Michael Valkyrie and the rest of the Challenger crew as well as the entire Federation and the Republic of Zhargosia.


11. 11

When the shuttle entered Zhargosia City’s airspace there was very little air traffic as the shuttle passed through large towering skyscrapers before it descended towards a bronzed domed building and landed on an electric rail where other rails next to it had shuttles that waited or, like the Air-tram on the platform to its left, flew off.  When the side door opened Michael and the others wearing their red uniforms noticed a six security personnel waiting for them as they surrounded the entrance with an Andorian security officer standing in front of Michael with a commander’s rank and he said, “Captain Valkyrie, if you and your party will follow me the Council is waiting.”, Petra, Chloe and some of the others looked confused but they followed the Andorian as the security followed alongside as many officers and personnel passing by looked on in interest or concern till they passed the atrium and hallways filled with guards before they went through the double doors, that stretched all the way up to the ceiling, and saw in three long elevated rows in front of them, passing an elevated platform, sat 29 council members with one sitting in a higher seat in the middle and once the doors closed behind Michael and the others the higher member (which is the council leader) said, “Council is now in session.”, council member 2 said, “Captain Valkyrie do you know why you and your crew are called here?”, Michael replied, “To discuss the loss of the Genesis Device, the mutiny onboard the USS Reliant and the near destruction of my ship as well as the current affairs following them.”, council member 4 said, “You forgot about the slaughter of more than thirty of your crewmen by this Carrie woman and...”, Chloe yelled, “My sister you mean!”, council member 8 said, “Why is she here?”, Michael said, “This is my wife and also part of the crew as Moral Officer and she has every right to be here as Carrie is her sister.”, council leader said, “Very well.  As my colleague was saying you are here because of Carrie of what she has done and her companion Arsenal, who is your chief engineer, as he sabotaged the ship as they both tried to escape.”, council member 3 said, “We all saw the footage and we ask why didn’t you try to retake the Reliant when you disabled their warp drive and half their weapons systems?”, Micheal replied, “I had to prioritize and decided saving another Federation starship from its destruction is a priority and I believed that we would be able to return once we stopped Khan.  Unfortunately during the confrontation we lost all power to engines and phasers as well as the VerKa was severely damaged.”, council member 2 said, “So you considered the importance of one ship over a device that could destroy an entire planet?”, Michael replied, “Like I said, I thought we had...”, council member 2 said, “We heard what you said but it still doesn’t answer the question, yes or no?!”, Michael replied, “Yes.”, council members whispered to each other as Michael’s friends and family tried to keep from showing their shock or anger when council member 3 said, “And because of your choice captain, we are now under the threat of Khan Noonien Singh who recently just threaten to use the weapon if we ever tried to pursue him or his friend Julius Delphiki.”, council member 23 said, “On top of that our relationship with the Federation is now in jeopardy as they told us and Captain Kirk that Khan cannot be trusted and is very dangerous even though you reassured us that it won’t be the case once he has a world of his own.”, Michael said, “What about Julius Delphiki?”, council member 4 said, “You mean the one that mutinied on the USS Reliant and his followers taking over the Battle School Ship?  We are going to leave them alone of course!”, Ender intervened and said, “Excuse me but how and when was the Battle School Ship taken?”, council member 5 said, “The same time Khan sent his message and when the Challenger lost power due to your former chief engineer who we believe was part of their plan.”, Michael yelled, “Impossible!  Arsenal would not involve himself to kill thousands of innocent people or be part with those psychotics!”, council member 4 said, “He makes weapons during his spare time is it not?!”, Michael said, “Yes but...”, council member 4 said, “Then he was a threat!”, the council leader said, “This also raises the question as to why Arsenal wasn’t relieved of duty when Carrie committed her appalling crimes as he is so close to her?”, Michael said, “I didn’t relieve him because we needed him to repair the engines and restore power after Khan and Julius.  I kept him from finding out what Carrie has done till after he completed his work.”, council member 12 said, “Why didn’t you at least post some guards around him?”, Michael replied, “Carrie and Julius killed most of the security on board while the few that are left were assigned to watch over Carrie in sickbay, the bridge and other vital areas of the ship in case there are any crew members on board that are loyal to Julius and attempt to sabotage.”, council member 3 said, “Are you sure that both Carrie and Arsenal are both dead?”, Michael replied, “You saw the footage and scanner reports.  They are both confirmed dead.”, council member 3 said, “How do we know that Arsenal did not had it planned so when the shuttle blew up he wasn’t seen it up to make you think they are dead or that someone else might have helped them like your wife?”, Chloe lunged out as if to fight him but Michael quickly restrained her even as Chloe yelled, “I lost a sister you sack of shit!  Michael did the best he could to make sure things did not happen worse as you sat on your asses and criticize us!”, the council leader said (over the whispering and talking council members), “Captain Valkyrie restrain your wife or she will be charged with insulting the council and inciting a coup de tate!”, Michael whispered to Chloe, “It’s okay, it’s okay, I can handle this.  Relax.”, and once she relaxed Michael turned to the council and said, “I’m sorry council, she won’t do it again but to answer your question we did not help them.  As you can see from the taped records of the bridge and my log entries we have been very busy.”, council member 4 said, “But you are part machine and you can do multiple duties at the same time am I correct?”, Michael replied, “That’s true but I would be dehumanizing myself amongst the crew and I like to have some personal time for myself every once in a while.”, the council mumbled to one another when the council leader said, “Agreed Captain Valkyrie, but this council has already reached a decision due to the fact that the person that issued that broadcast and attacked both us and the Federation was none other than yourself.”, Michael yelled, “That was not me!  You saw me on the bridge throughout the confrontation and I wouldn’t do anything like that!”, council member 2 said, “We are aware of that but we do not want to take any chances!  For all we know you will eventually become that evil and we cannot allow that!  The same thing goes for Arsenal and Carrie!  You or your wife may not have helped them escape but we cannot take any chances!”, the council leader yelled out calmly with his hands raised, “Settle down!  We have already made our decision!  As of right now you are no longer in command of the USS Challenger and you will be discharged under Other Than Honorable conditions.  Gabriel Valkyrie, even though in the past you twice attempted to invade both Zhargosia and the Federation, you have remained loyal and accepted every duty you have been given and also have saved the USS Challenger from destruction by Julius Delphiki.  Since we are in a state of emergency we are looking for any capable commander that is able or willing to accept responsibility of what we are offering you.  A command of a starship.”, Chloe, Jen and Ender looked at Gabriel as he stood keeping a neutral expression.


    The council leader continued, “Lt. Commander Jen Law will be promoted to the rank of Commander and serve as the executive officer to Captain Gabriel Valkyrie’s command of the USS Yorktown.”, Jen could not contained her shock as looked at both the council leader and Gabriel as the council leader kept speaking, “From here you and your first officer will proceed to Lagrange 3 at Ka’Tula where the ship is being constructed.  For Andrew Wiggin, you have countless times have demonstrated your command abilities and saved your ship multiple times as well as many worlds, including Terra II.  The council has unanimously decided that based on your multiple heroics and countless sacrifices you are promoted to the rank of Captain and be given a command of a ship that is a first of its unique class.”, Ender looked in awe as Petra tried to contain her smile as the council leader continued, “Petra Arkanian will also be promoted due to her abilities to both helm a starship while communicating and guiding the VerKa to protect the Challenger.  Based on these abilities as well as unique maneuvers that we are surprised that a helm officer like you were able to perform, you are promoted to the rank of Commander and serve as Andrew Wiggin’s First Officer on board the USS Endeavour.  Lt. Commander’s Joachim Weiss and Nikolai Delphiki will also be reassigned to your command as Gross will be promoted to Captain of the USS Challenger.  As for Michael Valkyrie, you will be sent to Mab-Bu and you will remain there until we decided that you are fit to return to command, and all your previous victories on the record will be changed from you to that of Captain Gross.”, Chloe and Jen were about to argue but the council leader spoke louder, “Even though you are not the one committing these evil acts of violence we still cannot take the risk of you in the future becoming one using all what you have accomplished either as leverage or forcefully convincing anyone to what you want or desire!  This meeting is adjourned!”, the council members began leaving as Chloe yelled out, “Wait a minute!  You mean to tell me all we have done to save you and the Federation should all be given to someone else’s credit who half the time wasn’t even there!”, they continued to leave as they ignored her even though some of them were giving her fearful glances and Chloe yelled out, “HEY!  WE HAVE SAVED YOUR ASSES MORE THAN ONCE!  YOU CAN’T TREAT US LIKE CRIMINALS FOR YOU OWN FEARS THAT MAY NOT EVEN HAPPEN!”, Michael went to Chloe’s side and tried to guide her away but she shrugged him off and stormed out of the room through the open large doors as Michael called to her, “Chloe I’m sorry!”, Chloe spun around and yelled back, “What do you mean?  If it wasn’t for us they would still be living as savages!”, Michael came up to her as the others stood back and said, “Did you not hear what the council leader said?  If you keep acting like this then you will be tried for treason!”, Chloe said, “We can’t just sit here and watch what we have done be torn apart by whoever is impostering you and those worrying retards!”, Gabriel came up to them and said, “Michael, Chloe, it’s best you continue this elsewhere.”, and they looked as they saw the security guards looking at them and they left as the guards watched from a distance.

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