Kick Or Kiss?

*Previously known as 'The Worst And Best Summer Of My Life', only the cover and title are new*

Maybe I should've kicked him instead of kissing him that day.
Hi, I'm Wendy and I got dumped by the love of my life 'cause I'm an inch shorter than the school's slu--
Oh, I'm sorry, I mean the school's dustbin, Stacey.
My crush's brother hates me and has decided to make life hell for me. Oh you know, same old, same old.
So, now I have decided to get over my ex, survive my crush's brother and not fall in love again.

Seriously, how hard can that be?


5. Tiger, Will and Lilly

I still couldn’t help but worry about Jace’s mom, she’s a nice woman and even though her son’s an idiot he still loves her. It’s amazing how lightly we take a person unless they are taken away from us, or in Jace’s case a person who has lung cancer. We ended up talking for two hours after that. I’m one of the few people who know about his family problem. And Stacey isn’t one of them. Take that you fake-tan, fake-face and fake boo-

“Wendy! Where have you been? Did you forget about movie night? Are you forgetting about your old man? You know I’m deeply hurt.” My dad, Charles Worth, rambled on as he opened the door to let me in. Willow, my six year old sister, came running towards me, and I being the loving older sister, picked her up and carried her inside as she started telling me all about a girl who stole her glitters in school today and how she kicked her on her behind. “Mio Dio Lilly, why did you kick her? You could’ve gotten in huge trouble, you crazy monkey,” I lightly pinched her nose as she started to make excuses, “But great work, don’t let that skinny stick boss you around, you’re my sister after all.” I quickly whispered when dad turned around. I was tired, but coming home always lifted my mood. And dad was like the teddy bear of our house, always bringing happiness to me, my brother and sister.

After mom passed away in a car accident four years ago, it’s just been the three of us being each other’s support, giving one another the power to wake up every day and go on about our life lives, hoping that one day maybe we can remember her with a smile on our faces instead of a lump in our throats. The least I can do for dad is be the ideal daughter and make him happy, so that he won’t feel like he isn’t doing a good job of raising us without mom, which I know he still feels so I try to lessen his burden bit by bit, every day.

“You know I wouldn’t miss it even if someone offered me a tub of nutella, dad. I was with Jace… his mom isn’t doing too well. Where’s Will? Is he missing movie night? ” No matter how hard I tried to sound normal and casual about it, he is my dad after all and so he knew how much this was bothering me. “Everything’s going to be okay, tiger. Don’t stress too much about it, I’m sure Mrs. Richardson will get better soon, she’s a strong woman. You know you can talk to me about anything, right? Don’t ever think that you have to go through something alone, I’m always here for you and so are your siblings, ready to sort things out like a family.” He said tenderly. I hugged him tight, not trusting myself to speak anymore.

 “Okay now, that’s enough bonding for today. Your brother’s probably in his room, blasting off those senseless songs, which have no meaning. Could you go and get him? I’ll just get the snacks to the ‘cinema hall’.” I pulled back and laughed as he referred to our living room as the cinema hall. As I made my way upstairs towards Will’s room, I thought of how easily my family can cheer me up no matter how sad I might be feeling, “It’s movie time, punk. Dad wants you downstairs. Now,” I said as I plugged off his speakers, “Or do you want me to tell him that you were watching porn and all this loud music was just a cover up?” I asked innocently as he gave me a bored look. “You do remember that I’m two years older than you, right? Quit acting so bossy, shorty.” He lightly slapped me on my forehead and ran downstairs. Oh no you didn’t! I thought as I ran after him, but being the clumsy short person that I am, I tripped on the third last stair and landed right on my butt.

Will was laughing his head off in the kitchen and I took this as an opportunity and charged at him, “You’re going down, you tall ogre!” I took him by surprise and slapped him hard on his forehead. “I might be short but unlike you, I use my brain.” I smirked at him and happily walked in the living room where dad and Willow were arguing about which movie we should watch. Leave it to my dad to fight with a six year old about Disney movies.

“I am not watching The Little Mermaid again, or I’m out.” Will grumbled as he sat down next to me and started munching on the popcorn. I snatched the snacks out of his hands, “Wait till the movie starts,” I said before he could complaint, “And it's my turn to choose today so we’re watching… Aliens In The Attic!” I happily announced.

“But that’s a kid movie! Why can’t we watch Dawn Of The Dead? Or Jurassic World?” Will complained.

“Well if that’s what you want…although Air Force One is a good movie…” Dad muttered.

“That’s perfect Weddy! I love Snuggle-Lump!” Willow still struggled with pronouncing my name correctly, but seeing her happy made me smile so I didn’t mind.

And again I was reminded about how happy my family makes me and how lucky I am to have them, even though mom isn’t with us I’m sure she would have been be proud of all of us, especially dad, who has been keeping us all together, supporting us all and working at the same time. I was just putting in the CD when someone knocked on our front door, “I'll get it.” I quickly made my way towards the door.

It was 7 PM, Who could it be at this time? I was really annoyed by whoever it was who interrupted our family time. We only do this once a week, per l'amor di Dio, I flung the door open, ready to shout at the person, but I was left with my mouth hanging open. What is he doing here?! Somehow, the smell of  baby diapers and paint filled my nose and I all I wanted to do was slam the door in his face. He smirked at me arrogantly and that me brought me back to reality.

Why was I staring at him with my mouth open? Now he thinks I have a thing for him. Perfect. Maybe If I punch him again he'll forget about the open mouth part...


“What are you doing here Gabriel?” I choked out as I changed my fish-like expression.

 Author's Note:

Hey bootiful, I know I'm late buuut my excuse is that my exams are going on and so I'm a bit slow(and busy obviously, LOLZZZ). There's a new character list(just to let you all know what the characters look like) in the introduction!

Please do let me know what you think of the new title and cover. :)

And I have also added a picture in the beginning of each chapter, for those who miss the character list.

That's Wendy's father in the picture, though. I'll try to update another chapter asap!

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