The New Girl

Kelsey grew up in Japan all her life. Now when it's time to take a big change, can she handle it? Follow Kelsey's journey as she tries to make friends, be social, and gets a grip on her awkwardness.


2. Entry 2

Dear Diary,

today was awful. I had to say goodbye to every single one of my friends at school. The world feels so cruel. WHY OH WHY do I have to move??! UGHHHHHHHHHH <- (this is me screaming in my agony) 


It's 2:00 freaking o' clock in the morning and I'm writing in this stupid thing. I don't like anyone right now. No one should even talk to me because if they do, BEWARE. The big bad wolf will come raging out of me. Is this right or wrong? I don't know what to think. Am I excited or worried. Happy or sad? I am so awkward I won't even make any friends. Nobody will love me at my new school and I'll see a sexy soul face and he won't even know I exist. 


Oh life. Why do you have to be so painful and sad. 

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