In the interest of not providing TMI, I had a staph infection on my big toes once. A few days ago, after waking from a nap, I had this idea for a story ...


1. The Big Itch

A couple of weeks ago, my right big toe began to itch terribly during the night. I rubbed it against the mattress, but soon the itching had me fully awake. I went into the bathroom and looked at my toe and there was a red spot like a mosquito bite on the very tip of my toe. I put some soothing ointment on it and went back to bed.

The itching continued, though. The next day there was  a noticeable bump on my toe. It wasn't painful, but it felt like there was something hard but pliable in the bump. I made an appointment to see my doctor.
Three days ago, the itching stopped and the swelling seemed to go down. The next day, skin was flaking off of the end of my toe and I picked at it. I was astounded to see that under the skin, the hard pliable part of the bump looked for all the world like one of those valves on a blow up air mattress, complete with a little tab. What I did next was probably stupid, but I pulled on the tab.
First I pulled up a transparent tube. I tugged the tab harder, and the end of the tube popped open and air began whistling out.
Well, I was quick to shut the cap again, and push the tube back down. Now it seemed to lie flat at the end of my toe, with just a smaill raised circle with the tab sticking out.
I started to stand up, but my legs felt rubbery. In fact, I felt a little rubbery all over. 
I carefully manuvered to the closet where we keep all the stuff we rarely use, and flopped around until I found an old hand pump for blowing up air mattresses.
I quickly popped the valve on my toe open and jammed the nozzle into the opening and started pumping. After a few minutes, I began to feel a lot less deflated.
I missed my doctor's appointment. I have to think this over. I feel fine, and the valve on the tip of my right toe doesn't bother me at all, even when I'm wearing socks and shoes.
Now, I'm getting close on to 70, and I've been feeling a little deflated the last few years. Maybe if I pump myself up a little more, I can start feeling like 60 again. Or maybe 50 even. Who knows?
I wonder if I should try it.

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