She and Him

Rene and Julian have known each other since birth. They are practically brother and sister. Everything changes when a tragic incident has occurred and suddenly nothing is the same between them..


6. The Lucky One

Julian's P.O.V

3 weeks later...


I'm so happy right now.


That's all I can think. Rene touches my hand slightly, and then pulls away.


"You're such a tease!" I say.


"I know.. I'm sorry."


She puts her hand in mine. We fit together like a glove. This feels so right. I think she's the one.


She giggles and says, "Okay.. so where should we go?"


"Let's go to the movies. I heard that Mockingjay Part 2 is showing tonight.. wanna see that?"


"That sounds amazing. I love that movie! Okay give me 20 minutes to get ready for the date."


She kisses me quick on the cheek and goes upstairs to her room. 


She's so adorable. How did I get so lucky? 



Rene's P.O.V


As I rush upstairs to my room, my heart is pounding so loud, I think the whole neighborhood could hear it.. 

As I'm scanning my wardrobe, I think to myself how lucky I have gotten to be with him.

He's the best guy in the world. 

He's caring.

He's kind.

He's thoughtful.

He's sweet.

He's mine.


I can't help but smile to myself about all of the wonderful things in life. My mom got out of the hospital this week and I'm so grateful to have her here. 

I hear a shout from downstairs. 

"You ready yet?" Julian calls to me.


I actually haven't picked out any clothes at all.. 


That blue dress is so gorgeous.. Ehhh.. too formal. 


I pick out my leather jacket and put a pretty white shirt on. 


As I'm walking down the stairs, I see Julian waiting for me at the bottom. 


"Okay Rene. Let's try something. You run down the stairs and I catch you in my arms like they do in the movies."




He cuts me off by rushing to me and spinning me around.


"I like you a lot." he whispers into my ear.

"I like you more.."



I told you I'm lucky.





































































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