The Path I Took

Britney had to chose which way to go when the world turned upside down after her mother's death. She had to chose a life changing path, both helpful and sacrificial. Many factors will come to show which path she belongs on, and she can trust no one.
And then she fell in love with the wrong boy.


4. The Lexicorpik Tower

We run in the forest. Breaking free from this fear. I wish I could say it was easy to run far away, but we've already almost gotten caught multiple times. Army trucks line the road. What has this world become? I think to myself. What if I never find my mother? What if I never have a normal life again. But in this moment, I just need to focus on the now and how. How will we find home? Why is my life so complicated.

My thoughts get interrupted when a voice calls out, "Britney! Time for supper!"


We've been camping in the forest for a while now. We're kinda living like refugees. Fleeing from place to place is hard, but it also is a little bit fun. I get to see different parts of the world that I never knew were there.

I sit down by the campfire and say grace. Then we dig in.

"Soooo.. I've been thinking." Abby announces.

"About what?"

"About where we're going. Where we are going to hide away."


"There's this headquarter in Indiana that hides people like us. They hide people who are running from... them.."

"But.. Indiana is so far away!" I say back. 

"I realized. But we might be able to make it there alive."

"Do you know what the headquarters are called?" I ask.

"The headquarter is called the 'Lexicorpik Tower." 

"Doesn't that sound a little bit scary?" I shoot back.

"Britney, sometimes you need to learn to face your fears. We're in a difficult time, and you just need to head forward." 

"I'll try."




(Haiii guys!! This is the first chapter I've written. My name is Claire and I am a co-author for this story. I hope you like it! :D)













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