The Path I Took

Britney had to chose which way to go when the world turned upside down after her mother's death. She had to chose a life changing path, both helpful and sacrificial. Many factors will come to show which path she belongs on, and she can trust no one.
And then she fell in love with the wrong boy.


3. Maps

As they walked Britney said


"So what??"

"Are you going to tell me??"

"Tell you what"

"About whats going on..."

"Oh yeah." 

"So one day the government wanted us to get split into groups that we join that we have similarities too, like tree climber, gun shooter and stuff like that."


"But that is not it there is more."

"Like what??"

"We get split from family unless they join the same path as you."

"Oh well i'm going to stay with my family."

"Are you sure you will fit in i mean you have to chose the one you fit in to."

"I'm pretty sure i will fit in."

"There is this type of thing that people are that the government thinks is dangers..."

"Soo whats wrong with that who are they."

"They are special people called, Descendants. The government wants to kill those people."

"What... well thank goodness i'm not Descendant."

"Well we don't know that."

"What do you mean??" 

"People don't know if they are Descendant or not only if they do something in a test nobody else would think of."

"Oh well we should just find our parents without getting caught and run."

"If it will be that easy."


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