The Path I Took

Britney had to chose which way to go when the world turned upside down after her mother's death. She had to chose a life changing path, both helpful and sacrificial. Many factors will come to show which path she belongs on, and she can trust no one.
And then she fell in love with the wrong boy.


1. Descendants

     One day Britney wakes up to her mom telling her to go pack her bags. Britney says, "Why where are we going?"

Her mom replies, "Britney no questions we need to go now, before...."

Britney says "Before what?"

"Nothing, Brittany! Just go pack!"

Britney went to her room doing as she was told. When Britney was about to leave her room all she saw was pitch black-  she was knocked out. Before all this happened Britney and her mom went to her school fair. They were having a good time. By the time Britney and her mom were going home Britney was drugged and was sleeping for a week until her mom woke her up. Her mom was also drugged except she was special. She was... a Descendant. Descendants are people who gets infected by something, but inside them there is something canceling it out, so that is how Britney's mom, Christina, could wake Britney up because she also had some Descendant in her. While she was sleeping something happened... the world turned upside down. It happened when the government wanted people to get split into separate ways like on who they really were like, tree climbers, people who go on adventures or spy, gun shooters, and etc. When the government wanted to do these things nobody approved, so everyone tried to hide. So that brings us back in time. Britney has woken up to an empty room. It is her room. Had they forgotten to get her?? She stands up running and looking around the house shouting, "MOM?!" She continues searching for her mom then goes outside. As soon as she goes outside she sees people with guns loading in a camouflage truck as soon as the people turn something grabs her back in the house. She was about to scream but the person holding her covered her mouth. The men leave without noticing. Britney quickly removes the hand and grabs a knife but then suddenly there was smoke everywhere and Britney no longer was seen and could not see anyone. As soon as she saw someone, she was knocked out once again but she still does not know who knocked her out before or now...

or what happened to her mom. 

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