His Sin but his Angel

Kate's an 18 year old virgin , Her birthday party is in three months ! In her family you are supposed to be a non virgin by the age of 19 . If not you are forbidden to be part of the family ever again . She doesn't date , Doesn't talk to guys Much so how is she gonna be able to Lose her virginity in just three months??!! . Oh that's right sinning to the devil . Can Kate actually go through that process or will she just have to stay a virgin during her party and leave the family for good ? . "Lust isn't always a woman's specialty " .


1. Deal or no Deal

"Kate , we need to talk " My Aunt stood by my parents with both of her arms crossed , Her face was serious . The kind of look She gives My dad when he makes a stupid joke about Cars or Houses sometimes taxes .  "About ? " I said putting down My pen on the desk  and turning my seat around to face her . "You're birthday party " Her tone was firm , The way she just stood there didn't even make her look like she was breathing she was just stiff . "What about it ? " . Her body turned to My parents now , as if waiting for them to say something , they were but seemed nervous "Mom...dad ? " I whispered now nervous myself "Kate , dear listen ..before you're birthday party you cannot be a um.. uh " My mom froze in her sentence hiding behind my dad now . My aunt seemed aggravated now just by the way she rolled her eyes at them . "A what ? " I asked " A virgin ! You cannot be a virgin !! " . My heart sank 7 times deeper to my stomach , It felt as if someone just exposed My darkest secret to the whole world expect ...it was my Aunt sharing it to the whole family right now . "Why ? " "because it runs in our generation Kate , Find a guy and fuck him if not you are FORBIDDEN !! To visit us again in you're life " She shouted . She grabbed both of my cheeks bumping into both of my parents , she whispered darkly while staring into my eyes "if you ever ! And that's ever ! Want to see us again ...I'll look into the dark side and take his chance " "who's chance ? " She looked down at the floor making a smirk "You know who " .

She stood up crossing her arms again turning around to walk out the room "You got two months Kate , Better hurry up " My parents held each other upset and walked out with her . "I thought it was three months ?! " I shouted at them but they ignored me.  They just left me in tears and a broken heart ...I have to lose my virginity to a random guy ?...But ...How ?. 

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