This is a fanfiction about Hunter Rowland..
No one is famous in this fanfic besides Parker, who is in a show for disney
You can picture me as looking like Rowan Blanchard.. (Sarah)
My twin brother is Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Parker)
I am always proud of myself, buti am always thinking of the others around me.. I live in NJ with my strict mother, and Parker..
My dad abandoned us when i was 8 for a unknown reason.. Well it is unknown to me and Parker.. My mom told my oldest college brother (Niall Horan) Niall why because she had to speak with someone..
As of now Parker is in Paris with a bunch of celebrities and their friends while my mom held me back from the trip..
A new family was moving in next door and my bestest friend Weston Koury and i were having our natural Saturday sleepover.. anyway,, read on to know everything.. Sorry im bad at describing books.. :/


2. Waking up

I wake up hearing a camera go off.. I open my eyes to see mine and Weston's faces on a phone screen..

I quickly hide my face and roll off the couch.. I stand up and grabbed Weston's phone looking at the picture.. I smile at how cute we looked.. I chuckled and heard the doorbell ring and some whispering outside the door.. I look at Weston questioningly and i run upstairs with my bag and Weston opens the door..


I walk down the steps hearing male laughter from the backyard.. I look at the now cleaned living room but i see the back door opened.. I walk outside and follow the laughs to Weston and I's tree house i climb up the ladder and walk into the wooden box and see 3 boys and Weston chatting and laughing.. I didn't know what to say so I just say, "Weston?"

Their head turn around and i take my eyes off Weston looking at the others then look straight into one of the boy's eyes.. I look at it for a while till Weston finally speaks up, "Sarah.. They are our new neighbors.." I nod and smile at them as they stand up while Weston stays on the bean bag..

One of them walks up to me saying, "Hey, I'm Brandon, nice to meet you, Sarah.." I smile back shaking his hand saying the same back to him..

"I'm Ashton!!" I smile looking down at him shaking his hand.

I smile and see the other one my age come up to me who says, "I'm Hunter.. Nice to meet you, love.." 

I smile bright back and shake his hand, "Same here.." They all sit back down and i go to the mini fridge grabbing 3 water bottles a cookie and a moutain dew and hand the water to the boys.. I then sit on Weston's lap who was still on the bean bag.. I give him the moutain dew and take a bite out of my cookie..

The boys look at us weirdly and i see Hunter's face go to hurt.. I check the time on my phone and jumped up.. "Weston.. I gotta go home it is already 10.. Niall is coming home.." He nods his head and i hug them all goodbye but Hunter just waves looking down at his phone with a sad expression.. I then hug and kissed his cheek saying bye to Weston. I jump off the side of the railing and the 3 boys run over to the edge right when i land on my feet and Weston tells them how i always do that..

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