This is a fanfiction about Hunter Rowland..
No one is famous in this fanfic besides Parker, who is in a show for disney
You can picture me as looking like Rowan Blanchard.. (Sarah)
My twin brother is Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Parker)
I am always proud of myself, buti am always thinking of the others around me.. I live in NJ with my strict mother, and Parker..
My dad abandoned us when i was 8 for a unknown reason.. Well it is unknown to me and Parker.. My mom told my oldest college brother (Niall Horan) Niall why because she had to speak with someone..
As of now Parker is in Paris with a bunch of celebrities and their friends while my mom held me back from the trip..
A new family was moving in next door and my bestest friend Weston Koury and i were having our natural Saturday sleepover.. anyway,, read on to know everything.. Sorry im bad at describing books.. :/


6. Sleepover part 2

I was lying on the couch with my head on Weston's lap body on Hunter's lap and my feet on Hayes' lap.. I was really tired and there wasn't a lot of room so i decided to lay like this. We were currently watching old videos of all of us that we had on our phones and we connected the video on blue tooth so it played on the tv.. I looked back to the screen to see a video of me doing a split jump in the air and went into a back tuck and a back flip and i noticed my outfit and immediately remember this video.. I quickly stood up and disconnected Weston's phone.. I delete the video with a few tears forming in my eyes.. I put Weston's phone down and it showed his home screen with all his apps and the wallpaper was of me and him playing chicken fight with Parker and my old friend Mia (Pronounced..My-uh).. I looked at the boys who were looking at me weirdly besides Weston and Justin.. I ran out the room to the backyard


I was practicing for cheer try outs and Weston video taped me for "memories"

I did a split jump, straight into a back tuck and a back flip.. 

I got ready for my aerial and i jumped for it but i was in the air when my arms and legs didn't stay up.. i landed.. But not on my feet.. On my head .. Weston rushed over with the camera still playing

~Flashback over~

I sat in the tree house on the bean bag remembering that my stupid mistake caused me to never be a pro cheerleader or cheer for any team..

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