This is a fanfiction about Hunter Rowland..
No one is famous in this fanfic besides Parker, who is in a show for disney
You can picture me as looking like Rowan Blanchard.. (Sarah)
My twin brother is Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Parker)
I am always proud of myself, buti am always thinking of the others around me.. I live in NJ with my strict mother, and Parker..
My dad abandoned us when i was 8 for a unknown reason.. Well it is unknown to me and Parker.. My mom told my oldest college brother (Niall Horan) Niall why because she had to speak with someone..
As of now Parker is in Paris with a bunch of celebrities and their friends while my mom held me back from the trip..
A new family was moving in next door and my bestest friend Weston Koury and i were having our natural Saturday sleepover.. anyway,, read on to know everything.. Sorry im bad at describing books.. :/


5. Sleepover part 1

I walk out my room putting on a black jacket that had a picture of me and Weston on it when we were todlers.. I walk to Niall's room with my duffle bag on my shoulder and knock on the door, and without waiting for an answer i open the door saying, "Hunter, we are late.." He frowns and said,

"I forgot.. Alright.." I nod and hugged Niall goodbye then i mentally face palmed.

As sweet as i can with a innocent voice i asked, "Nash, can you come with us?"

He looks at me questioningly and asked,"Why me? Why not Niall?.."

I give him hopeful face and said, "Mom, won't let me go unless you come because she trusts you and well, Niall is superrr protective.."

Nash pulls out his phone types something and smiles at me.. A few seconds later I hear his phone beep and he says, "My brother will go.." I smile and hug him thanking him..

I walk out the door with Hunter and we walked out to the porch and wait for him.. His name was, Hayes.. I heard a         motor-bike pull up and i saw a super cute boy who kinda looked like Nash but was my age, hop off it.. I smile at him, "You must be Hayes.." i shake his hand, "I'm Sarah, this is Hunter..Thanks for coming.."

He smiles and says, "Shall we go?" He slips his book bag on and i nod.. I grab both their hands and lead them to his house as Hayes carried my bag.. We make small talk while we walk..

 i saw Christine, Hunter's mom, walking Brandon and Ashton to Weston's.. I smile and said, "I'll take them,if you want.." She smiles and hugs me thankfully and then heads back home.. I smile and reintroduce everyone to eachother then i was lifted by 2 people.. I look down to see my left leg was on my friend Justin's shoulder and my right leg on my friend Gabe's shoulder. I smile and hug them when they set me down and i asked if they were coming since they both had book bags and they nod.. I smile and said, "This will be the best night ever!!!"

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