Our Way

Luke Hemmings is the new guy in school. Antisocial and mysterious, he does not seem to want anyone to know anything about him. But Valerie Hartley, a school newspaper journalist, is dared by her friends to investigate. At first, it seems like some harmless fun but it seems Luke's secrets run deeper and darker than Valerie could ever imagine.


3. First Day, First Fight...

As I was making my way to the canteen, I felt my phone buzz in my bag. Taking my bag off, I pulled out my phone and I could see that Ami had texted me so I responded:


In the canteen. You? 
                                                                                                       Heading there right now.
Cool. Everyone's here.
                                                                                           Be there as soon as possible. :)


I put my phone back in my bag and walked a bit faster to get there quickly and meet up with everyone.

"You're just asking for a beating now!"

What was that? I heard someone talk and from what they said, it sounded like a fight was about to start. I took a guess at where the voice came from and headed in that general direction. Whoever was making threats, was making a lot of them so I was able to find them.


I found three guys, one of them blocked from view, standing at the bottom of a staircase that led to the next floor. I was able to recognise two of the guys. Their names were Joshua and Jake and basically, they're aggressive and stuck up. They're both on the football team and they constantly get warnings about being kicked off the team if they don't wisen up.

Now they were bullying some poor guy.
Jake suddenly moved and I was able to see the guy. I couldn't believe it. Take a guess at who it was.
It's his first day here and he's already gotten on the bad side of two of the most aggressive guys in school.


"You think you're funny or somethin'?" Joshua growled. He grabbed a fistful of Luke's shirt, pulling him down to eye level. I realised at this point Luke's pretty tall so Joshua was having to go to extra lengths to be threatening. It was actually rather funny to see a six-foot guy being threatened by someone who's a good deal smaller than him.

"I bumped into you, what's the big deal?" Luke was obviously tired of the situation already and you could hear it in his voice, "You're fussing over nothing."
"Why you...!" Joshua said. He looked like he was about to hit Luke. I wasn't going to get in a fight so in this situation I had to think quick. I whipped my phone out and quickly took a picture of the scene. I then put my plan in motion.

"What do you think you're doing?" I said, trying to sound as authoritative as I could. I caught the attention of all three of them. "Huh?" Joshua was caught off guard but when he realised it was just me he instantly went back to being aggressive. "What do you want, Hartly?" He sneered.

"Picking on a new student already? That's a new low." I responded.
"You looking for a fight as well, huh?" Jake joined in, he was nowhere as intimidating as Joshua and was more of a sidekick than his friend.
"Last I remember, Mr Wilson had given you two a final warning. It would be a shame if you got into trouble for this and kicked if the football team." I said. Mr Wilson is the head of the school and after a recent event where Joshua and Jake were caught breaking a window, he'd given them one last chance to change.

"What's your point?" Joshua had let go of Luke's shirt and was now focusing on me. I showed him my phone and the picture on it, "Nice picture, don't you think but I believe Mr Wilson will have a different view on it."
Joshua tried to lunge for my phone but I stepped back quickly. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. I might 'accidentally' send it to all my contacts and maybe it'll make its way to Mr Wilson." I threatened but I said it in a mockingly polite voice. 
"Fine! What do you want?" Joshua asked.
"Leave the new guy alone and I will make sure Mr Wilson doesn't see the picture," I said.
"Fine! Have it your way Hartly but you better watch your back." He threatened.
"All bark, no bite," I said, reminding him I still had the picture. He's too much of a coward to try anything anyway.

Once Joshua and Jake were gone from sight, I turned to ask Luke if he was okay. I was greeted with him walking away. Naturally, I was offended, "I'm not asking for your 'undying gratification' or anything like that but a simple 'thanks' would have been okay!" I shouted after him. He stopped and turned on his heel to glare at me, "I didn't ask for your help! I would have been fine on my own!"

"Yeah right, definitely looked like you were handling the situation just fine!" I responded sarcastically. I could feel my temper rising and there was no stopping it. Luke got close to me, "You only showed up five minutes ago! What do you know?!"
"Apparently, a lot more than you! Especially seeing as I just stopped you from getting your face beaten in!" I shouted back.
"Whatever!" Luke said exasperated, "If you know what's good for you, you'll leave me alone!"
"Like that'll be easy," I muttered, "We're in the same drama class genius!"

Luke just glared at me with cold blue eyes. I couldn't help but notice the dark shadows under them. He muttered under his breath and turned away from me. He was out of my sight in seconds. 
I had to take a quick breather and slow my heart rate. It didn't stop the bitter feelings I now had for Luke. I was only trying to help but if he's going to act like that he can fend for himself next time.

I felt my phone buzz; it was Ami:
Where you at Val? Ashton brought cookies! /(Owo)/。

Even Ami's weird little text faces couldn't lighten my mood. I decided there that the bet was off. I'm telling Ami and Michael that Luke is not worth the time!

'Sup. How you doin'. I was pretty much ready to be saying thank you for a hundred reads but when I logged in, I saw that it was almost at two hundred! (Maybe get it to 300 in time for the next chapter?)Thank you so much! So looks like Valerie and Luke have got off on a bad start. What's your thoughts on the chapter? 
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