2. A.... Friend?

I opened my eyes.. This time I could see my surroundings. I was in a tent, but exactly where... Who knew. I looked to the left and saw a little table, some books and medicine.

I then looked to the right and saw a chest with a lock on it...

People with secrets... I thought to myself.

I then turned my head again and tried to sit up but my body was in too much pain. I got halfway before I had to accept it and laid down again.

As I just got back down I started to hear footsteps outside the tent. I instantly closed my eyes.

"Oh she is still asleep.." (??)

The voice!

"Maybe she's dead" (???)

A mans voice..

"Stop saying that!.. She is still breathing!" (??)

"C'mon you don't even know her!" (???)

"AND! She was in danger!" (??)

She yelled very loud.

"You're kindness is gonna be your death" (???)

".... out.." (??)

"What?!" (???)

"I said OUT!!" (??)

I heard something break and then the man left

"Why is he like that" (??)

She sounded.... sad...

"It surprises me even that didn't wake you.." (??)

Is she... worried?

"Maybe my books can help this time.. I might have missed something" (??)

I opened my eyes and saw a girl with long brown hair reading. I wanted to say something, but it was like something stopped me. I wanted to communicate with her, so I tried to sit up again and maybe she would hear me.. I hoped. When I again was close to sit up my body collapsed and I was back. But luckily she heard it and turned around instantly.

She had green eyes and a little dark brown skin. She was shocked.. But in a happy way.

"YOU ARE AWAKE!!" (??)

She screamed out loud.

I nodded.

"That's wonderful! Finally after all these weeks!" (??)

WEEKS?! That was the only thought that was on my mind

"Oh pardon me for my reaction but it's just a big relief that you are alive" (??)

She said with a big proud smile.


"So... What happened to you?" (??)

I looked at her while thinking..

"I.... Don't know.." (me)

She was startled..

"Oh.. Pardon me again.. But what is your name?" (??)

"I.. Don't know " (me)

I looked away from her.

"I'm so sorry for asking. I didn't know you had amnesia" (??)

I turned my head to face her.

"Neither did I.. " (me)

She looked sad at me.

"... My name is Shannon" (??)

I looked confused at her.

"But people call me Shan.. So feel free to say as well" (Shan)

"Alright Shan.."

She smiled.

"Am gonna change your bandages in a sec I just have to clean your scars" (Shan)

I tried to sit up again but my body collapse in pain again.

"Take it easy ok? I'm gonna help you" (Shan)

She helped me sit up but my body was still burning in pain.

Then she removed the bandages.

"This might hurt a lot.. But please sit still ok?" (Shan)

I nodded.

And then feel a burning of pure pain on my back.

I screamed out very loudly...

"SORRY! I should have warned you" (Shan)

"It's.... fine..." (me)

I then heard someone outside the tent.


A man came bursting in.

"Yes I'm fine" (Shan)

And then the man noticed me but lucky for me I he could only see my back.

"OH!!" (????)

He sounded surprised in a kind of scared way.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean... I didn't know.." (????)

Now he sounded embarrassed and scared.

"It's fine.." (me)

"Please just leave so I can continue treating her injuries..." (Shan)

"Of.. Of course miss Shannon and again sorry miss" (????)

He left instantly.

"Sorry for that.. He isn't a pervert or anything like that" (Shan)

She said it with a little laugh.

"He just wanted to check if something happened" (Shan)

"It's fine but..." (me)

"Hm?" (Shan)

"Why was he scared?" (me)

"What do you mean?!" (Shan)


"He sounded scared.. Why?" (me)


"He... Was just surprised" (Shan)


"For what?" (me)


"You're scars... They are .. You know" (Shan)

"Oh .." (me)

I tried to feel them on my back.. And felt something..

"So it's that bad?" (me)

"Yes.." (Shan)

She sounded sad

"But I'm gonna help you" (Shan)

"Why? You don't know me.. I don't even know myself.." (me)

"And? You will regain your memories again soon, trust me" (Shan)

"Are you sure?" (me)

"Yes and until you do, you can stay here" (Shan)

I looked at her.

"Seriously?!" (me)

"Yes of course you can" (Shan)

I could feel a smile crossed my face.

"Thank you so much!" (me)

"Hehe" (Shan)

She let out a little laugh again.

"What is it?" (me)

"You should smile some more, you look very beautiful" (Shan)

"Do I?" (me)

I was kind of flattered but still sad.. I couldn't even remember what I looked like..

"Yes you do, but I still have to treat your scars and give you some clean bandages on, so we better continue" (Shan)

"Yes of course" (me)



After she was done cleaning my scars and gave me new bandages on she left and with only one request, that I got back to sleep.

Laying all alone in the tent was... Yeah lonely. And with no memories at all didn't do my situation better. But at least I had one thing that tricked my mind...

You look beautiful..

What do I look like?

As I was tired of that question I sad up even though my body was in a big pain. I looked around the tent to see if there was a mirror or just something where I could se my reflection. Then I saw a little hand mirror on the table.

I tried to stand up but my legs collapsed under me... Again.. Again.


Then I just chose to crawl over to the table. When I got over to the table I laid on the ground without doing anything for a few minutes before taking the mirror. I then took the mirror, closed my eyes and put the mirror in front of my face.


I thought that to myself as I shout my eyes opened. When I did that I was face to face with a girl with white hair, much lighter skin than Shannon and light blue eyes..

"So that is me.." (me)

I stared into my own eyes, not knowing how to react. I don't know why but my white hair kind of shocked me.. I know I'm not that old but it was a scared feeling...


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