My Next Door Neighbor

Luke Hemmings:
*Band member
*My neighbor


7. unpacking and old memories

We put together my dresser and put up some blinds on the window, after that my dad went to his room to unpack all his stuff, we brought all our stuff from the old house because my loving mother said and I quote, "Get ALL of YOUR stuff, out of MY house, I don't want to see anything of your's here because if I do I'll will throw it away, I don't want anything here to remind me of you..." yeah I know my mother really loved us huh? 


I got the hangers out of my box and started hanging up my clothes, I put my sweats, pjs,and old band shirts that were so beat up I used as pajama shirts in the first three drawers, then I put some junk I had since I was little in the last drawer. I was looking through the boxes when I came across pictures of my family, in one I think I was 4, so that meant my brother was 10, we were at Disneyland and took a picture with Pluto, I smiled and put the picture up on the dresser, in another picture it was my whole family, in family pictures I'm usually by my dad and my brother is by my mom but this time it was the other way around, we all looked so happy, my mom was holding me and kissing me on the cheek, we all had cake on our face so I'm guessing that was my 7th birthday because I remember blowing out my candles then my dad pushing the cake in my face then we just threw it at each other, because of that we're not allowed back at the pizza hut where I used to live, we took that picture at the park, I think that was the best birthday I had, after that my mom got into a fight with my dad and that's when she started drinking and paying less and less attention to me, because of that picture I remembered all the happy times I had with my family when I was little, I started crying, that crying eventually turned in to bawling I ended up ripping up the picture, my dad ran in the room, "Are you okay?" he asked and started holding me, I cried and leaned on him, he looked at pieces of the picture on the floor and held me closer, I bawled more and eventually fell asleep in my dads arm... 

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