My Next Door Neighbor

Luke Hemmings:
*Band member
*My neighbor


4. principles office

I woke up and turned off my alarm, I put on black jeans, a Blink 182 shirt, and all black converse I got my back pack and slung it over one shoulder "bye dad" i said "bye, have a good day at school" "Okay" I shut the door "I doubt it" I said I noticed the same group of boys walk out of the house and down the street "they must go to the same school I thought and since I forgot which way the school I decided to follow them, I waited for them to walk past my house then I put my headphones in and trailed behind them when I got to the school they started heading one way and i lost them I saw a girl pass by, "Do you know where the principals office is?" I asked "Yeah i'll show you" she said and led me to the office "I'm guessing your new right?" "Yeah" "Okay well here we are" she said "Thanks" "Any time" she smiled and i walked through the door "Um hi" I said "Hello, you must be Mariah right?" she said "Uh yeah" "well here is your schedule and I'll call someone to show you your classes" "Okay" "sit down" "Um alright" I said waiting "Can you send Luke to the office" she said over the phone "Here you go" she handed me a slip of paper that had a list of classes and teachers on them, the first was math, "ah, hello Mr. Hemmings" she said and I noticed the blond boy from yesterday was standing in front of me "Am I in trouble?" he asked "No, I need you to show Ms. Lahey here around, you have all the same classes and she is new here" she gestured towards me "Okay" he said looking at me "i hope you have a wonderful first day Ms. Lahey" the principle said "Um c'mon" the boy said and we walked out the door

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