My Next Door Neighbor

Luke Hemmings:
*Band member
*My neighbor


3. Later that night

We came back home and it was a little dark "better get those beds set up" my dad said "Yeah" I partly chuckled, "You wanna see your new room?" "yeah" he led me to a room that was kind of big "It's bigger than my old room" I said walking in "Yeah, well since it's just the two of us and not 4 of us we each get a bigger room" he said "Cool" "Yeah i guess it is, after we put up the bed go straight to bed okay?" "Aw why?" "tomorrow's your first day of school here" "Ugh, do I have to go?" "Yes, education is very important" "Fine" I said so we put up both the beds and I noticed my new room was bigger than his "Dad?" "Yeah?" "Why'd you give me the bigger room?" "Because you're growing and a teenage girl needs her space" "How do you know so much, you sound more like a mom then mom actually did" "Cause I am more understanding when it comes to you" I smiled "Thanks dad" "you're welcome" "I love you" "I love you too Mars" he said chuckling "Oh don't bring up that name" I whined "Why?" "Cause that's what you called me when I was like 10" I said "but i like it" "Fine, but you can't call me that if I ever have friends over" "Deal" "Okay, well night dad" "night" he said hugging me and went to bed

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