Dynamite// Punk Magcon

Punk Magcon


1. Prologue


Shae's POV

Today is my twelfth birthday.

I sit on my bed and look at myself in the mirror. I see bruises, cuts and scars, and think of the way I used to look. Before Chloe died, my family was a happy one, a close one. She died in a petrol station explosion, and since then, our family has changed.


"OY BITCH! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?" I hear my Dad shout up the stairs. I quickly jump into my closet as I hear footsteps coming closer...


"I-I was looking for something..." He slaps me.

"Looking for something, MY ASS! Didn't I teach you not to lie. Don't worry, we can learn that lesson again."

And Before I know what's happening, I hear a crack, I see blood, and I scream.

* * *

I wake up on top of my bed and know exactly how I got there. He's done it again. I suddenly realise that I can't take this crap anymore. Stumbling over to my wardrobe, I pick out some clothes, shoes and my bankcard. I have about 250,000 in my bank account. Chloe died at 25, and she didn't have husband or kids, so she left everything to me. We were so close. I pick up the framed photo of us on the window ledge. We were at the beach. I was hugging her, and she was sipping on her favourite Frappuccino. That was the best photo mom took that day. She left right after Chloe's funeral and I haven't seen her since. All she left me were a note and a diamond bracelet.

"I love you so much. Take care." that is all it said. I came home from school that day and cried. Now I never take the bracelet off, and I still have the note, tucked behind that same photo that is in my hand. I put in in my bag. I continue to slip my coat and shoes on bfore placing my phone in my pocket. My dad keeps a copy of the house key but I already know how to pick a lock. I quickly run out of the house, pullind the door shut behind me, ready to step into my new life.







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