Are we friends or lovers

This is about me and a friend named Dylan. We are friends but I like him I have mixed emotions cause I like him but don't know how to tell him this is our life together


1. First time meeting each other

      first day of day of school I go to my first hour class and meet new people through out the day. I get to my last hour class and I see him his name was Dylan he was skinny and amazingly handsome in class we had to say what our names were and something about us.

        He went first"hi my name is gerald but I would prefer if you guys called me Dylan,as for my talent I am double jointed in the elbows" he leaned on his arms and his elbows went the opposite way then what it is supposed to go the whole class except me was disturbed.

           After class he walked up to me and said "hi Autumn like I said earlier I am Dylan it is really nice to meet you" I smiled as he helped me clean up to go home and we found out that he rides my bus with me.

           He sat beside me and we talked till he had to get off. Then I would sit there till we got off. 

keep reading to find out what happens everyday and I will write everyday till I told the whole story I will write more tomorrow thank you.

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