Are we friends or lovers

This is about me and a friend named Dylan. We are friends but I like him I have mixed emotions cause I like him but don't know how to tell him this is our life together


3. After being friends for two months

          As Dylan and I walk into the school from the bus he looks over at me and smiles "what are you looking at" I asked smiling back "Nothing it's just you have that look in your eyes" he said trying not to smile as we go meet up with our friends one of my friends spins around grabbing his hand and when he comes back he is smiling and my friend told me she told him that I liked him after that I took off leaving them standing there.

   "Omg omg I can't believe she would do that to me" I said third hour in the bathroom mirror then during lunch he sits by me we don't talk till he talked first "I don't care" he said looking at his tray "w-what" I said looking at him " I don't care if you like me or not it won't ruin our friendship" he said looking at me I smiled at him and ate my food and didn't see him after that he left early and I didn't see him until Tuesday.

Stay on to read more mumble if you like it or not 

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