The Fosters

"Is it wrong?"
"Darling, it's love"


4. That nothing

"You Do know that a key is needed to unlock that door right" he says with a smirk and leans toward the wall. I roll my eyes sarcastically and remove my hand from the handle. "So what do you want in our storage closet?" He asks and walk towards me. "Uhm nothing.." I say and walk with fast steps away from him.

"Audrey?" He says right as I'm about to turn the corner down the hall. I stop and look at him. He holds up a key in his hand. "do you wanna find that nothing you where lookin for?" He asks with a sarcastic tone. I smile . He smile. We smile together.

The key makes a rumble noise as I turn it inside the key hole. I smile with comfort when the door opens.

I look around with a look of interest. It's a small room and the walls are filled with selfs with a lot of boxes and garden equipment placed on top . It's Basically just a lot of crap that they probably don't use that often. I look at the top shelf on the back wall and I then finally find what I'm here for. But I know, that I can not grab it while his here. I don't know if I can trust him. He might tell.. But I need to get it. I need to.

So I've decided to just make short chapters. Cause I can't keep em long:)

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