Dear diary today was a....


8. Chapter 8.

May 22, 2000

Dear diary, I just got home from school. Philip and his girlfriend as the residual named Mette, she goes to our school, but only in 5th grade she was really sea gone in 6th grade, but is bad in school, so she went on. She is too stupid to be with Philip, he's smart and beautiful. She is stupid and ugly.
I wonder if like me girlfriend way. I'm thinking of asking om vi skal lovers, men han har girlfriend.
What should I do with it?
I feel I can talk to Mette tomorrow to school and might say, I do not know, maybe "Philip can clean the seriously do not like you"
But att would just be cruel. Selvom att Mette is stupid in the head, they're still deserved two be happy, I think. I will still talk to here tomorrow, maybe I just do not just say att Philip did not like here. I would ask here if she really loves sky and will do anything for him, I will!
HOWEVER, you will of course learn more about it tomorrow.
I do not know just yet what two write.

hugs Caroline

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