Dear diary today was a....


7. Chapter 7.

May 21, 2000

Dear diary, excuse my language but, fu * k it was a good day yesterday / today :)
I just woke up with Philip. He's still asleep. the time is 12:37: o
I'm actually still tired, I sleep just a little more.
Now's the time was 16:57 and I just got home.
It was quite strange when I woke up again at Philip, we lay in happen!
I was completely crumpled and he was just behind me with his arms over me. I wanted to wake him because he has girlfriend. UPS! I have not told you. Yesterday he could not talk about another one of his new girlfriend. I was maybe a little bit jealous.
Once, as I said, I had the urge to wake him, but it was really nice. I will not tell him, but I love him <3 He means a lot to me.
Of course, I will help him with his girlfriend when he has problems, but I will do everything that they end up arguing and breaking up and that they are never going to see each other again, because she moves even after it comes, she in a car accident and dies.
It's not tacky me.

Hugs Caroline.

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