Dear diary today was a....


6. Chapter 6.

May 20, 2000

Dear diary, I was the home of Philip today. I love being at home with him, his father is really cute. Well I think that his father likes me.
Philip has a large room with a double bed and its own bathroom, snyyyd!
He has somehow broken his room in two large rooms "living" and "room"
In fact, I sit at home with him right now. We must make sleepover, it's Saturday;) He is also right now and write a diary he has written diary since he was 7 years, it's like me and now I am 12 years old and he is 13 years. He will be 14 this year and I will be 13 years.
Hello again, now it's actually night. time is 2:30. We just enjoy talking and suddenly was at 02:30
We have heard loud music. At some point, Philips neighbor approached and asked if there was a responsible, wtf. Philip said, no. We are actually home alone. The neighbor asked if we could be winding down, of course, said Philip. When we went back, we hooked up higher.
I have fun a lot with Philip.
When, now, we have to just look a little Netflix.
Now time is 5:47 and actually it is the d. May 21, but I just write on here.
We just watched Netflix, we saw my favorite series "The Vampire Diaries".
He will also be included in it, it's the best news I've heard some inside.
Now I'll start writing on a new page where it says: d. May 21, 2000;)
hugs Caroline

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