Dear diary today was a....


2. Chapter 2.

May 16, 2000

Dear Diary, Today was worse than yesterday. Today there was gathering of all classes. We were in a room with a stage and seats for all students and teachers. I was up on stage because I was a new student. All students and teachers stood and looked at me, what an awful way to be new to the school. All were on the scene which was new and it was me and a girl named Karoline. Her name was just the same as me nothing but that her name starts with K and mine with C.
Right now I sit and watch Netflix. I sit and watch "TVD" so "The Vampire Diaries". It's the best series I have some ever seen. I wish I was like Elena. She has many friends, and her friends are kind to her and will do anything to her. I also want to be a vampire.
When now to the present. Karoline is really cute. She was at home with me today she is very like me. She looks nor his father. She has a sister who does not go to the same school as us. Her sister lives very far away at boarding school.
hugs Caroline

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