Dear diary today was a....


1. Chapter 1.

May 15, 2000

Dear diary today was a day a clean shitty day. Why does it always have to be me?
Today I started at a new school. I do not feel really welcome. Everyone was very different. There is a very annoying kid in class, he runs from the teachings and are very rude. Why is it so?
My mother does not know I've had a shitty day, she just think that my day has gone great, she actually think exactly the opposite of what has happened.
There is a very special girl. She goes in ugly clothes, and it is certainly what I think.
My sister was allowed to be on our second school. She would not move. I would just like to have a new start, but my new start sucks. Maybe I should just wait and see what happens. Maybe when something good happens, maybe I'll get friends from other classes, who knows?
They are very few in the class, so everyone has a girlfriend. I've never had a girlfriend.
I give you more information tomorrow. I'll take joy hat.
hugs Caroline

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