The True Meaning Of Magic

Magic is a strange thing. No one knows where exactly it came from, but every witch and wizard, and even some muggles, know it's extremely powerful. In the wrong hands, things could go drastically wrong. In the right hands, our world will just keep getting better and better.

But even in the right hands it can be abused, and even in the wrong hands spectacular things could happen...


1. The Purest Light

​I reached out to the night sky as a pure light danced around my arm. The feeling couldn't be described, because, well, no one had ever felt it before. The light couldn't be compared to anything, because, well, nothing as beautiful existed in our universe. The story couldn't be told, because, well, it's a story that humans would never be able to understand. I honestly couldn't believe I had made it this far. A years worth of dreams, that's how long it took. Only, it felt like a single day, a single day in the life of a God.

​Congratulations, ​Agatha told me. ​You did it. I cannot believe I doubted you for a single second.

Agatha had been guiding me through the dreams, but I hadn't seen her at all. I had always just assumed that she was hiding in the shadows, but I realised that she was just a voice. The voice of hope, the voice of wishes, the voice of guidance. If it weren't for her, then I would've never seen the light, and I would've never found the innocence of the dark.

​Goodbye now, my child. It is time for you to return home. A whole new adventure awaits you...

There was a flash of green light, and then darkness...







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