2. them

Next morning

Beep! Beep! Beep! Justin’s alarm went off. Justin hopped out of bed put on his ACU. He went down stairs and Ava had made him breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and eggs. Justin’s favorite.  Justin and Ava sat down to eat, Justin still had  a hour before work. Then both Justin and Ava were startled by the puppy jumping up on to the glass door barking.

    “Oh yeah, I still need a name for this little guy.” Justin had said opening the door for the puppy to come inside.

    “What about Dakota?” Ava said holding the puppy in her arms. The puppy looked up at her and started licking her face.  

    “I think he likes it.” Justin gave the puppy his food then put his shoes on. Justin hugged Ava and out the door him and Dakota went.  


 18 weeks later

“Congratulations Justin you have completed AIT (advanced individual training). Dakota is now your dog to take care of. You and him will go on missions as soon as you get deployed. May the best be with you, Justin.”

Justin and now his 8 month puppy (more like a dog now) were on their way to the park to meet Ava for a walk. This time Dakota gets to go. Dakota no longer needed a leash he would walk  by Justins side. JUst like on the battlefield. Little did they know Justin and Dakota will be on there way to Pakistan soon and be on the line of life and death. Ava, Justin and of course Dakota where on their walk. The sun was setting.

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