The Demonic Voices

Its about a boy who gets followed by evil voices and his friends won't believe him. Until its to late.


1. Wrong Turn

The Demonic Voices

     A Ouija Board is a powerful, satanic, “toy,” to be playing with. Nobody wants to listen to their parents when they tell you not to mess with evil, black magic, or even the dead.
     There was a group of four children. All about the age of 16. Two boys and two girls, Tick, Jim, Lacey, and Micah, all best friends for about 12 years. They were all so intrigued with the Ouija Board and never believed a single story others would tell. Who would right?
     Well, one day they all decided to pitch in and get a Ouija board. Once they picked it up, they went into a dark room and lit some candles. All four of them swore on their friendships they wouldn’t tell a soul about what they were doing.
     After swearing, they each put a hand of their own on the planchette. As a team, they circled the board three times using the planchette. Nobody knew what to ask. They were all so scared to say anything. Except for Jim. Jim was the tough guy of the group who was sent scared of anything. He always scared Tick. That’s kind of how he got that nick name, he was so easy to tick and explode.
     So Jim stepped up and asked the first question. Being the tough guy, he yelled at the board and chanted for all evil to rise up, trying to scare the group. The room began to get really cold and things started shaking. The planchette then flew off the board, knocking a candle over causing wax to get all over the board. As he laughed, the group was so pissed off that he had ruined the board and scared everyone half to death.
     They figured it was a joke pulled by Jim so they tossed the board in the trash and left figuring it was all garbage. Later that might, after everyone got home, Jim started hearing weird things all around him. He heard whispering, grunting, and screeching as if finger nails were scraping on the floor while someone was being dragged to their death.
     Jim didn’t know what to think so he just blew it off and went to bed. After he falls asleep, Jim starts trembling in his sleep. He is having a nightmare about the black figures all around him trying to pull him under. He couldn’t figure out what or where under was though. After being ripped out of his bed, he jumps and awakens on the floor covered in sweat.
     Jim couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night so he stayed up watching WebFlix, a website with over a thousand free movies. Half way into a movie, he then hears screaming from down the hall. Petrified to go look, he creeps open his bedroom door and takes a peek. Jim saw nothing down his halls. As he closes his bedroom door, he see’s something dart across the peripherals of his eyes. Something blacks, cold and powerful. It practically took the breath right out of him.
     Absolutely scared to death he calls Lacey. At this point its 3am and she picks up angered that Jim woke her up. He explains everything to her and she hangs up. Jim then calls Micah. She answers also in anger. After examining what had just happened to him, she laughs and tells him to grow up as she hangs up the phone. Tick wasn’t even going through his thoughts to call because he’d just have an anxiety attack.
     Jim didn’t know what to do. So he waited and waited until the sun finally came up. Dragging to get out of the front door, Jim goes to meet up with his friends right before school. He looks terrible being that he had gotten no sleep at all. Jim tries again to explain his worries to his friends And they refuse to believe him.
     Jim suggests they all skip school so he can prove it to them. They were a little iffy about it at first but they said why not? Jim brings all of his friends to his house hoping they could hear the voices and see the shadows. As the day goes on, nothing appears to be acting out.
     They all got so pissed that they left Jim at his house alone. That’s when the voices started. Jim sits on his bed thinking to himself about what he did wrong playing with the Ouija board. He hears foot steps coming towards his room. He then yelled for his mother. No response. Then tries his father. No response.
     Jim starts panicking not knowing what is coming to his room. He grabs the covers and darts under them quivering in fear. It gets louder and louder. THUMP THUMP! THUMP THUMP! Jim starts crying. THUMP THUMP!  He screams for it to go away. The doors slowly creeps open. All Jim hears is whispering that he cannot make out into words.
     He slowly pulls the blankets under his eyes and right as he gets a peek… the owed goes out and everything goes dark. Jim didn’t know what to do. He jumped up and ran to his front door. Next thing he see’s is the door lock, all the windows slam shut.
     Jim starts ripping his hair out in fear. He then runs up his stairs crying and moping not knowing what is after him. Jim trips and slams his knee into the step. Crawling for his life he gets into the bathroom and slams the door shut behind him. He then locks the door.
     All he hears is scratching at the door and a thousand whispers upon his ears. He’s screaming for help but nobody hears him. Jim didn’t know what to do. He’s crying and yelling. The whispers get louder and more powerful. He feels breeze’s all around him. Jim didn’t know what else to do.
     He rips the shower curtain down. Jim ties it around the curtain rod. He wraps the other end of the curtain around his neck tying it to the other end. 
     Jim jumps off his bath tub. Everything goes silent. The room gets dim. His body swings back and forth. His eyes open and close slowly as he gasps for air. Jim is dying slowly. With the last gasp of air he took, he opened his eyes one last time and see’s in blood written on the wall, it was all UNDER your power to play with evil.
     His friends decide to come and apologize to Jim. They walk up to the door and attempt to knock noticing all the lights are off in the house. They start banging on the door yelling for Jim and have no reply. Its not like Jim to ignore his friends.
     They kick open the door and see scratches all over the walls and floor. Micah looks to her right and see’s a blood trail leading to the upstairs. Tick starts freaking out screaming. They all slowly walk up stairs calmly yelling out Jim’s name.
     Lacey goes to open the bathroom door but notices its locked with blood on the door knob. As they try to pry open the door, they all hear a whisper come from his parents room. So they slowly walk to the parents of Jim’s room and carefully open the door. 
     Next thing you know, his parents come out of the closet and ask them, “is he done?”
     His friends didn’t know what they meant. Jim’s parents then explained to his friends that Jim was a schizophrenic and that he always complained about voices following him. They explained that they hid in the closet because Jim had a knife and wouldn’t stop screaming and waving the knife around.
     His parents including his friends all busted into the bathroom. All breaking out into tears, they see that Jim slit his wrists open with the knife and wrote on the wall. The wall wrote in blood, “I’m sorry it had to come to this. The voices wouldn’t end. Nobody could help. Psalm 34:16.”

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